Back-to-school asthma tips for healthcare professionals

Paul Hayes

24/01/2018 10:43:30 AM

The National Asthma Council Australia has recommended practitioners remind younger patients and their carers of potential risks as the new school year approaches.

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The National Asthma Council Australia recommends children who experience asthma have an up-to-date action plan before heading back to school.

According to the National Asthma Council Australia, parents and carers should be prepared so they and their children with asthma are confident about managing their asthma and allergies before the new school year begins. Studies in Australia and the UK have shown a spike in asthma-related hospitalisations during the first month of the school year.
‘Factors such as stress, shared viruses, less strict asthma management over the holidays, and a change of environment or allergens can trigger asthma in children and teenagers,’ National Asthma Council Australia spokesperson and respiratory paediatrician, Professor Adam JaffĂ©, said.
‘It’s important that doctors remind parents to share their child’s asthma action plan with school teachers, after-school carers and sport coaches so they are prepared should an asthma flare-up occur.’
The National Asthma Council Australia has suggested a number of tips before the school year kicks off. When a younger patient with a known history of asthma presents for any reason, practitioners can:

  • ask about asthma control and being ready for school
  • make sure each child has an up-to-date written asthma action plan, and the child and/or parents/carers understand how to follow it
  • remind parents/carers to get their child back into their asthma routine before the school year starts, including taking preventer medications every day (if prescribed)
  • recommend a full asthma check-up before the school year or activities like sport start
  • take the opportunity to check that the child and/or parents/carers are using inhalers correctly.
The National Asthma Council Australia has also produced a back-to-school factsheet for parents and carers.

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