New research hub to focus on preventive activities for anxiety and depression

Paul Hayes

29/05/2018 3:48:59 PM

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt today launched what is described as ‘Australia’s first and largest integrated research initiative into the prevention of anxiety and depression’.

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Greg Hunt believes the research conducted at the Prevention Hub ‘could potentially prevent thousands of cases of depression and anxiety each year’. (Image: Black Dog Institute)

The Prevention Hub – a collaboration between the Black Dog Institute and Everymind – will bring together experts in research, clinical education and policy to focus on preventive strategies to limit the development of anxiety and depression.
‘We know that prevention-focused approaches in mental health are cost-effective and show good return on investment, not to mention the fact that the growing burden of mental ill-health cannot reasonably be stemmed by focusing on treatment alone,’ Everymind Director Jaelea Skehan said.
Based in New South Wales, the Prevention Hub will implement and evaluate preventive strategies for anxiety and depression across three settings:

  • Workplace – including rolling out and testing online mental health tools and eMental health and peer-support programs to reduce mental health issues.
  • Education – focusing on children, teenagers and their families by increasing educators’ capabilities and providing online prevention screening and referral tools.
  • Healthcare – including extending an online mental health screening platform for GPs, and developing a framework to improve the mental health of the medical workforce.
‘Nearly half of all Australians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. About one million adult Australians suffer from depression,’ Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said.
‘Research has shown around 20% of all cases of depression and anxiety could be prevented by delivering evidence-based prevention programs.
‘[The Prevention Hub] could potentially prevent thousands of cases of depression and anxiety each year.’

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