‘A rich opportunity’: WONCA’s first day clinical highlights

Morgan Liotta

25/10/2023 3:37:18 PM

Conference Committee Chair Professor Mark Morgan shares some of his top picks of sessions to attend on the first day.

Professor Mark Morgan
WONCA Conference Committee Chair Professor Mark Morgan is looking forward to the packed program over the next four days.

The 2023 WONCA World Conference officially kicks off on Thursday with a range of clinical sessions on offer.
Conference Scientific Committee Chair Professor Mark Morgan is in Sydney for what he describes as one of his ‘busiest weeks ever’ facilitating and presenting sessions, and networking with peers from across the globe.
‘WONCA is a rich opportunity to meet and hear from people with different perspectives,’ he told newsGP.
‘Many of the same challenges facing GPs in Australia have been tackled in resource-poor countries – it will be great to hear of these innovations.’
‘The plenary sessions have a great line-up of speakers. I always find these thought provoking and eye opening; they help me to understand healthcare from a global perspective. 
‘I am very much looking forward to this conference’s line-up of world-famous thought leaders.’
The Bond University Professor of General Practice, who is also Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care, is chairing a number of keynote sessions at the conference, and presenting on opioids and pain, mobile phones as international fomites, as well as research on data for GPs and the effectiveness of real-time computer decision support in Australia.
Here, Professor Morgan provides examples of just some of the hundreds of sessions he is most looking forward to for the first official day, Thursday 26 October.

‘Solving “wicked problems”: Conceptual and research approaches’ from President of the International Society for Systems and Complexity Sciences for Health, Associate Professor Joachim Sturmberg
‘This will be fascinating,’ Professor Morgan said. ‘Wicked problems are everywhere in primary care, and I am looking forward to gaining some insights in different ways to approach them.’
#MeToo in medicine: The role of GPs caring for survivors of sexual harm in the medical profession’ from ANU School of Medicine Associate Professor Louise Stone
‘The largely hidden iceberg of sexual harm impacts much of our work whether we recognise it or not,’ Professor Morgan said.
‘I am looking forward to learning from the expert – Louise Stone is always great to hear from.’
‘Questionable clinical activities and RACGP examination performance: Is a measure of registrars’ quality of clinical practice predictive of examination outcomes?’ from University of Newcastle Conjoint Professor Parker Magin
‘Parker Magin is probably the best placed to answer this question,’ Professor Morgan said.
‘Of course, I want to turn it around and ask if clinical performance is a good predictor, do we need examinations?’
‘Community orientated primary care: An African model of primary healthcare with a global reach’ from South African Academy of Family Physicians President and Head of Family Medicine and Primary Care at Stellenbosch University, Professor Bob Mash
‘I am looking forward to hearing from Bob Mash to understand what lessons there are for any resource-restrained environments,’ Professor Morgan said.
Research presentations on the effect of automatic patient reminders on influenza and pneumococcal vaccination uptake among adults with chronic conditions attending Australian general practices, from University of Adelaide Professor Nigel Stocks and Dr Oliver Frank
‘There are plenty of automated reminders in GP software,’ Professor Morgan said. ‘I am looking forward to understanding from [the speakers] the impact of direct-to-patient prompts.’
‘A need for action: A systematic review of risks factors for, and causes of, suicide mortality among medical students’ from Deakin University medical student and Monash University research officer, Karan Varshney
‘As acting Dean of Medicine, this is an issue that is always on my mind,’ Professor Morgan said. 

‘I am looking forward to finding out more from Karan Varshney.
‘The right to make bad decisions: Capacity and consent across Europe’ from Past President of the European Young Family Doctors’ Movement and Maltese GP Dr Nick Mamo
‘Intriguing title and a subject that could shape my way of thinking about aged care,’ Professor Morgan said.
Across the four-day event, the WONCA program offers an abundance of quality clinical, practical, educational and networking opportunities.
‘Informative presentations answering very real GP questions include a wonderful selection of ePosters with the chance to meet and talk one-on-one with the presenter,’ Professor Morgan said.
‘The program has been designed to provide a huge range and depth of interactive workshops so there is a great opportunity to learn from and with colleagues.’
The 2023 WONCA World Conference runs until Sunday 29 October.
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