Greg Hunt retains health ministry: Continuity a good thing, says RACGP

Paul Hayes

27/08/2018 12:18:09 PM

President-elect Dr Harry Nespolon says he is looking forward to continuing the RACGP’s strong relationship with Greg Hunt, who has retained his position as Federal Health Minister.

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Greg Hunt has worked closely with the RACGP during his time as Federal Health Minister. (Image: AAP)

Dr Nespolon believes Minster Hunt understands the fundamental role primary care plays in the wellbeing of all Australians and will continue to make general practice a focal point of Government health policies.
‘Health is an integral part of any Governments agenda and I look forward to working with Minister Hunt on the future direction of healthcare in Australia,’ Dr Nespolon told newsGP.
‘Minister Hunt has worked closely with the RACGP over the past two years, achieving positive results, including investment into general practice research, the removal of the Medicare freeze and the return of general practice training to the RACGP.’
Dr Nespolon said he is particularly keen to discuss matters that lie at the heart of general practice.
‘The RACGP will continue to work with Minister Hunt on our core patient priority areas, including preventive health and chronic disease management,’ Dr Nespolon said.
Minister Hunt was re-appointed to his position on the frontbench following a cabinet reshuffle that took place in the wake of last week’s Liberal Party leadership challenge. Ken Wyatt was also re-appointed as the Federal Minister for Indigenous Health and for Aged Care.

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