ISQua accredits RACGP Standards for general practices

Paul Hayes

31/01/2018 11:20:34 AM

The fifth edition of the RACGP Standards for general practices (the Standards) has been awarded accreditation by the International Society for Quality and Safety in Health Care.

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ISQua accreditation means the RACGP’s Standards have has been assessed as having met international best practice benchmarks for safety and quality in healthcare.

The International Society for Quality and Safety in Health Care (ISQua) is an independent not-for-profit organisation. It runs an international accreditation program for healthcare facilities and is responsible for assessing the standards of organisations that set benchmarks in healthcare safety and quality.
ISQua accreditation of the fifth edition of the RACGP’s Standards means the publication has been independently assessed as having met international best practice benchmarks.
Acquiring this accreditation is a rigorous process in which the RACGP was assessed on the development of the Standards, including standards measurement, safety and risk, and quality performance. The RACGP was required to provide a self-assessment of the Standards against ISQua’s criteria, including evidence and detail to support how the criteria are met.
The RACGP updated the Standards to include the following new Indicators, which cover gaps identified by ISQua through the assessment process:

  • C3.1►A Our practice plans and sets goals aimed at improving our services.
  • C3.1B Our practice evaluates its progress towards achieving its goals.
  • C3.1►C Our practice has a business risk management system that identifies, monitors, and mitigates risks in the practice.
  • GP3.1►C Our clinical team is trained to use the practice’s equipment that they need to properly perform their role.
The fifth edition of the Standards was launched at GP17 in October 2017. Between the launch date and 31 October 2018, general practices can choose to seek accreditation under the fourth or fifth edition of the Standards, with practices seeking accreditation required to be assessed against the fifth edition from 1 November.

Contact the RACGP for more information.

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