No one knows you like your GP

Paul Hayes

14/05/2018 3:15:25 PM

The latest phase of the RACGP’s awareness campaign highlights the special relationship GPs have with their patients.

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The RACGP wants its new campaign to help shine a light on the fact more than two million people visit a GP each week.

‘I said, “Thanks, Dr Mel. You saved my life”.’
That’s Phil, from rural South Australia, praising the work of his GP, Dr Mel Considine.
For her part, Dr Considine consider the relationship she has with her patients to be a very valuable two-way street.
‘They’re the best teachers I have in my day-to-day practice,’ she said.
This is one of the stories highlighted in the latest phase of the RACGP’s awareness campaign, ‘No one knows you like your GP’.

The RACGP wants to shine a light on the fact more than two million people visit a GP each week, and these visits are evidence that GPs are the specialists in their patients’ lives ‘every single day, in every community across every part of Australia’.
‘That’s two million conversations, observations, reassurances. Two million reasons no one knows you like your GP,’ the RACGP said.
Speaking as part of the campaign, GP and RACGP Rural Censor Dr Ken Wanguhu summed up many GPs’ feelings on general practice and the fundamental role it plays in the lives of all Australians.
‘We are the heart and we direct the traffic in medical care,’ he said.
‘It goes beyond the disease – to the patient, to the family and to the community, and that’s general practice.’
GP materials
RACGP members are invited to use campaign materials and join in highlighting the value of their profession. Campaign materials include:
  • digital copies of the TV advertisements – to be played on practice TV screens
  • practice posters – for waiting areas
  • social media cover images – for personal and professional Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • digital adverts – for practice websites
  • the RACGP Oath of Fellowship – to frame and display
  • an RACGP Fellow and RACGP member logo – to include on practice websites and personal stationery.
Visit the RACGP website to download supporting materials.

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Deborah Sambo   16/05/2018 10:24:50 PM

Another great add.
Can't understand all the criticism.
Your regular GP does indeed know you- nearly as well as any human being can know someone other than themselves.
And yes, we all do learn from our patients.
We never stop learning, making us ....


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