RACGP releases new genomic medicine guide for GPs

Doug Hendrie

12/04/2018 3:01:50 PM

Genomic medicine is coming of age.

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‘Genomics in general practice’ consists of a series of more than 30 summaries that provide key information a GP would need to manage common genetic conditions.

The promise of decoding the human genome – and the ability for people to have their own DNA tested – may usher in a new era of personalised medicine.
The RACGP’s new guide, Genomics in general practice, is designed to help GPs and their patients in a rapidly evolving area of healthcare.
RACGP President Dr Bastian Seidel told newsGP the guide will provide GPs with authoritative advice on a range of issues in genomic medicine.
‘Advances in genetics and genomics offer great potential for identifying patients at risk of disease, and targeting treatment,’ he said.
In the future, GPs will need the skills to support patients to make informed, independent decisions about the use of genetic and genomic testing, according to Dr Seidel.
‘More and more patients are interested in discussing genetic and genomic testing with their GP,’ Dr Seidel said. ‘Genomics in general practice will ensure GPs’ knowledge and skills in this domain remain up-to-date and will assist them to provide information on genetics and genomics to patients and their families, and refer to other specialist services if that is required.’
Genomics in general practice covers a number of key areas for which patients will be seeking advice from their GPs, such as:

  • family history
  • personal genomic testing
  • genetic counselling
  • diabetes
  • mental health conditions
  • newborn screening
  • prenatal testing
  • reproductive carrier screening.
The guide consists of a series of more than 30 summaries that provide key information a GP would need to manage common genetic conditions and issues around testing in primary care.
‘GPs are on the frontline of Australia’s healthcare system and are required to upskill in changing areas that are relevant to the care of their patients,’ Dr Seidel said.
Genomics in general practice will assist in clinical decision making by presenting a snapshot view of the identification and diagnosis of a range of genetic conditions, and the use of genetic testing and technologies encountered in general practice.’

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