RACGP smoking cessation resources to mark World No Tobacco Day

Morgan Liotta

31/05/2018 2:36:58 PM

World No Tobacco Day aims to promote awareness of the harms of tobacco smoking and advocate for effective strategies to reduce tobacco consumption. The RACGP has a number of resources to assist healthcare professionals in guiding patients to smoking cessation.

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The RACGP has a number of resources to assist GPs in supporting patients in smoking cessation.

Tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable deaths in the world.
The focus of Word No Tobacco Day 2018 is the link between smoking and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), and the global initiatives to address the impact of tobacco on public health.
GPs play a key role in supporting patients on their journey to smoking cessation. Providing advice and management plans for people who smoke and wish to quit has been found to motivate the individual and contribute to their short-term and long-term health.
The RACGP’s Supporting smoking cessation: A guide for health professionals states that:
Health professionals play an important role in educating and motivating smokers as well as assessing their dependence on nicotine and providing assistance to quit. All health professionals should systematically identify smokers, assess their smoking status and offer them advice and cessation treatment at every opportunity.
The RACGP has several resources to assist GPs in supporting their patients in smoking cessation:

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