RACGP welcomes incoming South Australian Government

Paul Hayes

21/03/2018 2:10:06 PM

The Chair of RACGP SA&NT has welcomed the incoming South Australian Government and is optimistic about its stated health policies.

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Incoming state Premier Steven Marshall outlined his key health policies in the SA Liberal Party’s ‘Better Prevention – A Healthy South Australia’. Image: AAP

‘I would like to congratulate Steven Marshall for winning the South Australian election,’ Dr Zakaria Baig told newsGP. ‘The Marshall Liberal Government has outlined a number of key health policies for the state, including increased investment in cancer services, preventive care, and palliative care support. I have noted many policies related to general practice, such as real-time prescription monitoring, of which the RACGP is very supportive.
‘RACGP SA&NT is keen to work with the Liberal Government on health matters to deliver quality healthcare to South Australians. We have many common objectives and RACGP SA&NT would be happy to share its expertise, knowledge and resources to help the state government deliver its health policies.’
The incoming South Australian Government stated a number of health-related policies and investments in its Better Prevention – A Healthy South Australia prior to its victory in the 17 March election, including in areas such as:

  • palliative care
  • rural health
  • aged care
  • rural cancer services
  • family violence
  • prescription drug misuse
  • preventive medicine
  • re-opening the Repatriation General Hospital.
‘A Marshall Liberal Government will work to … [ensure] health services are provided where they are needed,’ incoming South Australian Steven Marshall said prior to the election.
RACGP SA&NT released a pre-election submission outlining a number of the college’s key strategies for investing in the health of people in South Australia. Email for more information about the submission.

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