AOD education program open for GPs

Morgan Liotta

2/12/2019 2:47:33 PM

Applications for the RACGP’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program Treatment Skills Training are now open.

Alcohol and illicit drugs.
The program aims to help GPs implement best practice approaches that help patients minimise harm and improve health.

Following $7.9 million in funding from the Federal Government to deliver AOD education to GPs nationally, the RACGP developed the program to strengthen the capacity of GPs to address alcohol and other drug (AOD) use.
The CPD-accredited program is specifically tailored for GPs in different communities and settings, and comprises face-to-face education, online learning modules, and a small group online education and mentoring series aimed at rural and remote GPs.
In response to an identified gap in the AOD education regarding practical ways GPs can support patients who are presenting in their practice – usually with other comorbidities that may be exacerbated by alcohol and other drug use – the RACGP aims to help GPs: 

  • converse with patients about alcohol and other drug use
  • work collaboratively with colleagues to develop a whole-of-practice approach on management of pain and prescribing drugs of dependence
  • implement best practice approaches to safely and effectively support patients who consume AOD to minimise harm and improve health and wellbeing. 
In addition to helping GPs talk to patients about their AOD use, the program encourages collaboration to develop a whole-of-practice approach to appropriate prescribing of pharmaceuticals, aimed at implementing best practice approaches that safely and effectively help patients minimise harm and improve health and wellbeing.
The program includes Essential Skills Education, Treatment Skills Training, and Advanced Skills Training for GPs who will be required to take on a leadership role and share what they have learnt with their colleagues.
Training spaces are limited, and eligibility criteria applies. To take part in the AOD GP Education Program, GPs can complete an online application form
The program handbook is available on the RACGP website, and for more information about the program contact 1800 472 247 or
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