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29/04/2020 3:45:40 PM

The Rethink Obesity webinar series will give GPs insight into successful weight management services and chronic disease care plans.

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Approximately two thirds of adults are overweight or obese, based on a national health survey by the ABS. (World Obesity image bank)


Obesity is one of the most important health issues affecting Australia.
Approximately two thirds of adults are overweight or obese, based on a national health survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).
Meanwhile, recent data has linked obesity to 14 major diseases including diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and some cancers.
With general practice at the forefront of chronic disease management, GPs are being offered the opportunity to expand their knowledge on obesity management through the Rethink Obesity webinar series delivered by Ogilvy Health, an authorised provider of RACGP-accredited activities.
Six webcasts will be offered from 29 April to 1 July, delivered by weight management experts.
The next webcast is ‘Weight management: How to include pathobiology in your community practice’, to be held on Wednesday 6 May.
Dr Georgia Rigas, Chair of the RACGP Specific Interests Obesity Management network, along with Dr Sean Wharton and Dr Sandy Van, will offer their professional insight and share important practical information to assist GPs in their own clinical practice:

  • How do you create a successful weight management service and what role does pathobiology play?
  • What are the key steps involved in managing and treating people living with obesity within the primary care setting?
‘People with obesity don’t choose to have obesity, but they choose what they are going to do about it,’ Dr Rigas told newsGP.

‘As healthcare professionals, we need to open the dialogue in an empathetic, non-judgmental manner, seek permission from the patient to discuss their weight and in particular how it impacts on their health function [and] wellbeing, [and] less so on the kilos on the scale to monitor outcomes.’
Those who find the Rethink Obesity webinar series (sponsored by Novo Nordisk) educationally valuable can self-record it on the RACGP CPD dashboard via the quick log.
Other upcoming webcast topics:
  • Breaking down the weight management consultation: Best practice from weight management experts around the world
  • The neurobiology of weight change: Leveraging pharmacotherapy and behavioural therapy in weight management
  • Rethinking success in obesity management: What are we aiming for?
  • Early weight loss intervention: Why is it so important?
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newsGP weekly poll Should the RACGP continue with Convocation?



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Dr Annette Hackett   30/04/2020 6:17:46 AM

A couple of questions:
- sponsored by Novo Nordisk - good to know upfront who we will be benefitting.
- can you show me evidence that dietary interventions (or medication, or any other intervention for 'obesity') works in the long term without inducing mental distress or an eating disorder? Or, if choosing surgery, that it doesn't increase morbidity?

Just asking. We live in such a fatphobic world. Health is possible at every size. But so is shame. We need to think what we are encouraging.

Dr Ramin Nik Kholgh   1/06/2020 5:24:04 PM

I'd like to join