New Cancer Australia guide for GPs on investigation of breast symptoms

Amanda Lyons

2/11/2017 12:41:37 PM

Cancer Australia’s new Investigation of a new breast symptom: A guide for general practitioners has been developed in recognition of the vital role GPs play in the assessment of possible breast cancer symptoms.

GPs play a vital role in the detection of breast cancer
GPs play a vital role in the detection of breast cancer

‘GPs are at the forefront of breast cancer detection, with breast symptoms a common presentation in general practice,’ RACGP President Dr Bastian Seidel told newsGP.
‘We believe that the procedures recommended in Cancer Australia’s new guide will enable GPs to approach their patients’ breast symptoms with confidence, knowing they are providing the most effective and appropriate investigation possible.’
The new guide, which is an accepted clinical resource of the RACGP, is designed to complement a practitioner’s judgement in each individual case. Using the most up-to-date evidence, it outlines and explains the recommended triple-test approach.
‘The triple test involves three diagnostic components: medical history and clinical breast examination; imaging – mammography and/or ultrasound; and non-excision biopsy – core biopsy and/or fine needle aspiration cytology,’ Cancer Australia CEO Dr Helen Zorbas told newsGP.
‘The triple test is more accurate at detecting breast cancer than any of the individual components alone and, when performed appropriately, it will detect over 99.6% of breast cancers.’
The guide also encapsulates best practice with a flowchart for quick and accurate reference by GPs.
‘It distils the process into an algorithm that provides a step-wise approach to investigation, including the correct test sequencing and correlation of results,’ Dr Zorbas said.
The RACGP will send a hardcopy of the guide to its members nationwide this month. Visit the Cancer Australia website for an online copy.

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