Ministerial appointments welcomed

Harry Nespolon

27/05/2019 4:59:02 PM

RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon congratulates Health Minister Greg Hunt on his reappointment and maps out his vision of the next three years.

Greg Hunt
Dr Nespolon said Minister Hunt understands the fundamental role primary care has in protecting the wellbeing of all Australians. (Image: Joel Carrett)

Now that the Australian people have spoken, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to Health Minister Greg Hunt, along with Minister Richard Colbeck, who has assumed control of the Aged Care portfolio, and Minister Ken Wyatt, who will help us work towards closing the gap as Minister for Indigenous Australians.
Minister Hunt has worked closely with the RACGP over the past two years and achieved a number of positive results, including ending the Medicare freeze and returning control of general practice training to the RACGP.
His time as Health Minister has also been marked by increased investment into general practice research and a commitment to reduce the burden of chronic disease.
Having worked personally with Minister Hunt during my time as RACGP President, he understands the fundamental role primary care has in protecting the wellbeing of all Australians and I welcome the chance to again join forces to increase the role of general practice within the healthcare system.
To that end, I look forward to collaborating with Minister Hunt in order to support longer consultations for complex-care patients, reduce patient out-of-pocket costs, improve flexibility, and bridge the rural–urban access divide.
The preventive medicine provided by GPs will continue to be the bulwark holding up Australia’s healthcare system, and the continuity of governance afforded by Minister Hunt returning to his post should allow us to continue with our positive trajectory.
Finally, the appointments of Minister Colbeck and Minister Wyatt are no less significant – aged care and Indigenous health are two of the most complex and sometimes neglected aspects of the Australian healthcare system.
GPs have a fundamental role to play in improving healthcare delivery in both those areas and I am certain we will work closely together in the future to secure better health outcomes for all Australians.

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