No support from RACGP for anti-vaccination views

Bastian Seidel

27/02/2018 12:19:15 PM

RACGP President Dr Bastian Seidel emphasises his support for vaccination programs delivered by specialist GPs.

GPs are well-placed to provide reliable, evidence-based advice about vaccinations
GPs are well-placed to provide reliable, evidence-based advice about vaccinations

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews put up a Facebook post last night targeting ‘a small band of rogue doctors’ who are spreading lies about vaccinations and writing up false exemptions to get around ‘No Jab, No Play’ rules.
I am entirely supportive of the Victorian Government’s efforts to strengthen immunisation rates – it is of the utmost importance that as many Australians as possible are vaccinated. However, in an age in which people are confronted and overwhelmed with vast amounts of misinformation, it is also important not to undermine faith and trust in the advice of their GPs.
Let’s be clear: preventive health is the core business of general practice, and one of the most effective and life-saving interventions in modern medicine is vaccination. Anti-vaccination beliefs are ‘bad medicine’ and are not in any way supported by the RACGP.
It is understandable that some parents may feel worried or confused about vaccinations – they just want to do the best for their children. But as providers of their day-to-day care and administrators of vaccination programs, GPs are extremely well-placed to give parents reliable and evidence-based information. We encourage parents to come to us with any questions and concerns and will offer advice tailored to each child’s specific vaccination needs.
The views of a small number of ‘rogue doctors’ are not in any way reflective of the vast majority of caring, competent and well-trained health professionals who make up general practice. Parents can feel safe placing their children and themselves in our hands.

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Richard Smith   25/05/2018 2:56:13 PM

This year, the roll out of the FLU immunisation has been the best yet.
So much so, that there's not enough stock, apparently.....
The promotion by health authorities, by the media and by the GP led community programs has been very effective.
Well done let's build on this success !