The RACGP has a new faculty for GPs in training – here’s why

Krystyna de Lange

30/10/2019 2:37:06 PM

Dr Krystyna de Lange, inaugural Chair of the National Faculty for GPs in Training, writes about the importance of its creation.

GP in training
The new faculty helps to demonstrate the importance RACGP members place in the next generation of GPs.

When RACGP members passed a motion to establish a new national faculty at last week’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at GP19, it meant GPs working towards Fellowship now have their own place – and voice – within the college.
The unanimous support for the resolution to create the National Faculty for GPs in Training demonstrated the importance the membership places in the next generation of GPs.
The new faculty is an explicit demonstration of the college’s commitment to all doctors training towards Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP) and comes at an important time, as the RACGP prepares to resume oversight of training.
The National Faculty for GPs in Training will stand alongside the other national faculties, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Rural and Specific Interests.
As the inaugural Chair, I am very pleased to see the new faculty established.
It is so important that GPs working towards Fellowship have a strong voice within the RACGP. We are a large part of the membership and the future of general practice – and it is vital the future of our profession and our college to be involved.
The changes also transforms to the way doctors working towards Fellowship are treated under the RACGP’s Constitution.
Previously, only Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) registrars were eligible to be Registrar Associates; however, the changes approved by membership mean that all doctors working towards FRACGP, regardless of their training pathway, are eligible for Registrar Associate status.
This is an important step towards inclusivity and means the new faculty can have both AGPT and alternative pathway representation.
The new faculty will enable:

  • increased representation for GPs in training in education and training governance
  • a strong voice for GPs in training within the RACGP
  • GPs in training to be regularly consulted regarding policies and decisions that directly affect them
  • new opportunities for general practice training advocacy and promotion
  • tailored supports and resources for this stage of the career cycle
  • close links between RACGP and early-career GPs.
Membership will be open to medical students and pre-vocational doctors interested in general practice training, as well as all doctors working towards Fellowship and New Fellows up to five years post-Fellowship.
As the new faculty moves forward, I am very much looking forward to working with what is a vital part of our membership – and our profession.
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Dr Mike Kerr   31/10/2019 7:09:39 AM

And yet stop no changes under NTCER.
Another bureaucratic committee for the RACGP of doctors trying to escape the misery of nowadays General practice meanwhile the dwindling bum bets of new trainee’s are paid peanuts and not being given our entitled leave.

Dr Danny   31/10/2019 7:44:56 AM

Congratulations to Krystyna and the Board for bringing this change in. A new era for all GPs in Training. I know so many IMGs striving towards Fellowship will be very happy to be included in the new Faculty