Australian GPs celebrate their female role models

Paul Hayes

8/03/2018 1:39:11 PM

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, the RACGP asked GPs to nominate a female who has had a positive impact on their general practice journey.

GPs from all over Australia took to social media to highlight and thank their positive female role models.
GPs from all over Australia took to social media to highlight and thank their positive female role models.

International Women’s Day, 8 March 2018, is designed to acknowledge and celebrate women’s ‘social, economic, cultural and political achievements’.
In order to help shine a light on the vital role women have played in the lives of so many healthcare professionals, the RACGP put out the call via social media:

‘Who was a positive female role model in your
general practice career, and why?’
‘Women have had such a positive impact on not only individual GPs, but on the entire general practice profession throughout Australia,’ RACGP chief executive officer Dr Zena Burgess told newsGP.
‘The number of female RACGP members has almost doubled since 2008, and 2017 marked the first time in college history that female members outnumbered their male colleagues, making it easier for Australian women to choose to be seen by a female doctor.
‘Women also make up 48% of membership in the RACGP’s expert committees, and 41% of its Council membership.’

Dr-Zena-Burgess-opt.jpgRACGP chief executive officer Dr Zena Burgess said she is ‘delighted the RACGP has played a pivotal role in creating and sustaining an environment that allows female doctors to excel in general practice’.

GPs took to Twitter to highlight positive female role models throughout their careers:
Dr Melanie Considine
My very first positive female role model helped me to become a #rural GP! @RACGP #IWD2018
Dr Sam Ibrahim
Happy #IWD2018 #InternationalWomensDay and a special thanks to my great mentor Dr Pam Turnock @RACGP @GPSupervisors @GPRALtd
Dr Liz Sturgiss
I recently met @BaileySousa - she is committed to supporting others to discover their own “success” journey. I’m inspired by her integrity & passion. Thank you Bailey @RACGP #IWD2018
Dr Gerry Considine
Loving reading about inspirational women in peoples lives. Nan was my first great role model. Lucky I’m also married to one who inspires me and our boys every day @DrMelConsidine @RACGP #IWD2018
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Sadia rehman   9/03/2018 1:52:22 PM

Special thanks to Deborah Peters my Gp supervisor . Unbelievably helpful and great mentor and support

Deborah Sambo   9/03/2018 9:50:20 PM

Apart from my mother, Margaret Thatcher was my first female role model.
She was a simple Green Grocers daughter.
Thatcher studied chemistry in Oxford and later law and despite not having any "familial /hereditary pedigree" rose up to become the first European female PM- paving the way for so many women in leadership and politics today.
To be the only woman in a sea of males in the tory party at the time she did- with no hereditary pedigree and to end up being one of the best British PM, astonishing!
keeps me thinking how strong/courageous she was. I am sure it wasn't easy- I can imagine the unprinted/unprintable things that would have been said about her behind her back or to her face sometimes. She still stood strong and absorbed it all.

Zena Burgess our CEO I find to be the same kind of inspiration for many reasons.