CrazySocks4Docs message continues to grow

Matt Woodley

3/06/2022 5:06:38 PM

Doctors across Australia and the world have donned crazy socks in a show of solidarity for colleagues who may be doing it tough.

Composite image of CrazySocks4Docs posts.
GPs and healthcare professionals across Australia joined in to promote the campaign and its message.

What started as a small idea five years ago has become an annual global beacon of hope, with healthcare workers the world over slipping on their craziest socks in support of medical workforce wellbeing and self-care.
Stories of medical professionals struggling with their mental health are all too common, but the now worldwide movement is showing small changes within the culture are occurring.
RACGP President Dr Karen Price is one who has embraced the campaign, and this year even managed to convince her four-legged friend to take part.

Other GPs and non-GP specialists also got in the spirit, posting their own pictures of crazy socks along with messages of support, encouragement for colleagues who may be struggling, and calls to action for systemic and cultural change.
But amid the colourful socks and empowering messages, there were also sobering posts that were a reminder of the tragic stories that prompted the need for a campaign like CrazySocks4Docs in the first place.
To help promote the campaign and support medical professionals with mental health concerns, the RACGP has been selling its own range of crazy socks, with proceeds from all sales up until 12 June going towards Beyond Blue. 
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