GPs step out on CrazySocks4Docs day

Paul Hayes

7/06/2019 3:55:03 PM

Healthcare professionals across Australia have taken to social media to show off their unusual footwear in support of doctors’ mental health.

Crazy socks
People all over Australia showed off their crazy socks to raise awareness of doctors’ mental health.

Doctors, as it turns out, are much like everyone else.
They struggle with issues of burnout and mental health, and are often in need of help. The difference, however, is that they can find it difficult to access – or even ask for – that help.
‘There is significant stigma. [Doctors] are reluctant to seek help for our own illness,’ Melbourne cardiologist Dr Geoff Toogood, founder of the CrazySocks4Docs campaign, recently told newsGP.
In an effort to raise awareness of doctors’ mental health, the campaign asks healthcare professionals to wear odd socks to highlight their support and post images to social media with the hashtag #CrazySocks4Docs.
GPs and other healthcare professionals have been posting images of their crazy socks.

CrazySocks4Docs depression doctors mental health

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