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Morgan Liotta

8/06/2022 4:42:17 PM

Given ‘many of our problems are shared’, GPs can strengthen international efforts to address healthcare challenges, says Dr Mark Miller.

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The 13th annual Hong Kong Primary Care Conference will be held online from 17–19 June.

The RACGP and Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP) have a longstanding relationship of over 40 years, which includes several international Memorandum of Understandings, signed with other medical colleges and general practice training organisations around the world.
This year, the 13th annual Hong Kong Primary Care Conference (HKPCC), held online 17–19 June, will help to strengthen and ‘support excellence in community-based care’, according to Dr Mark Miller, Chair of the RACGP International Committee.
Dr Miller said the upcoming conference not only offers a platform to collaborate with international and local primary care professionals, but GPs can earn continuing professional development (CPD) points for the remainder of the 2020–22 triennium.
‘As we move into the last six months of our own CPD cycle, you may still need a few points, or perhaps you are aiming for a new personal best … or perhaps you have become a little jaded with local offerings,’ he said. 
‘Whatever the reason, I would invite you to register and join the online-based conference.
‘Many of our problems are shared and sometimes a new perspective adds to the vibrancy of our participation.’
The 2022 HKPCC theme is ‘Committed. Versatile. Ever-growing: Primary healthcare in the time of COVID’.
With primary care at the frontline of pandemic response efforts, the conference program will explore opportunities in addressing present and future challenges, as well as the need to further collaborate with global primary healthcare systems.
In addition to presentations on chronic diseases, key sessions include:

  • Australian Department of Health Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Michael Kidd, presenting on long-COVID and other challenges for primary care arising from the pandemic
  • WONCA Immediate Past President, Professor Donald Li, presenting on family medicine healthcare reform
  • senior lecturer in general practice at the University of Queensland, Dr Margaret Kay, presenting on burnout in primary healthcare providers.
Chair of the HKPCC Organising Committee, Dr Lorna Ng, said the conference highlights the important foundation that is primary care, particularly through the recent challenges and disruptions of the pandemic.
‘This year’s conference takes its theme from the COVID-19 pandemic that, for almost two years now, has shocked the world and will continue to affect how we conduct our daily lives,’ she said.
‘As primary care is the fundamental pillar and the “front door” to the health system of most people, there is a need to further enhance a comprehensive primary healthcare system.
‘We as family physicians and primary care providers should continue to stay committed, be versatile and work together ever more to meet the challenges now and in the years to come.’
Dr Miller encourages RACGP members to explore the conference program, which delivers ‘a broad series of topical subjects’, as well as new research.
‘This also makes it a great program for new/recent Fellows who can see examples of what their peers are producing should they wish to start submitting material for other conferences,’ he said. 
Full program details and registration for the 2022 conference are available on the HKPCC website.
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Dr Mark Robert Miller   16/06/2022 10:27:43 AM

Just a reminder also that if the link to register is not working please email the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians and they can help you get registered.