NSW ice inquiry launched

Amanda Lyons

29/03/2019 4:12:29 PM

The proceedings of the NSW Ice Inquiry have begun, with a broadened focus and a call for feedback from the public to help guide its investigations.

Crystal methamphetamine or 'ice'
NSW has launched its inquiry into the impact of ice and other amphetamine type stimulants.

The scope and conduct of the New South Wales Special Commission of Inquiry into the drug ‘Ice’ (the Inquiry) has widened significantly since its initial announcement towards the end of last year, when its sole focus was to investigate crystal methamphetamine, or ice.
‘The Inquiry will now examine the nature, prevalence and impact of ice and other illicit ATS [amphetamine type stimulants],’ GP and member of the expert advisory panel to the Inquiry, Dr Hester Wilson, told newsGP.
‘It will also inquire into the adequacy of existing measures to target ice and illicit ATS in NSW, and options to strengthen the response to them, including law enforcement, education, treatment and rehabilitation responses.’
Four Issues Papers were released this week as part of the Inquiry, each addressing specific key concerns on the use, prevalence and impact of ice and other illicit ATS:

The Commissioner has called for feedback from the public in response to these papers in a submission process that will be open until Tuesday 7 May 2019.
Dr Wilson urges GPs to make their concerns known.
‘I am pleased to be part of this to ensure that the needs of GPs and their patients are heard, and I encourage any concerned GP to make a submission to the Inquiry,’ she said.
She added that interested GPs can also contact the RACGP Addiction Medicine Specific Interests network, of which she is Chair, with any concerns, which can then be collated by the network and sent on to the Inquiry.
The Inquiry’s investigations also include hearings to be held between April and August in Sydney and five regional areas of New South Wales that have been identified as experiencing particular harms from ice and other illicit ATS. These include Lismore, Dubbo, Nowra, East Maitland and Broken Hill.
‘The Commission will hear from people with lived experience of ice and ATS use, as well as their families to understand the full impact these drugs can have on individuals and the wider community,’ Commissioner of the Inquiry, Professor Dan Howard, said.
The Inquiry will also look into the wider context of the use of these drugs by examining the role of external drivers including poverty, unemployment and homelessness. Another issue under investigation will be the impact of existing health, policing and social responses to ice and illegal drugs.
’We need to consider deep and difficult questions about the efficacy of our policies,’ Professor Howard said.
The Inquiry will hand down its findings by the end of 2019.
Visit for more information, to access the Issues Papers and view the first directions hearing of the Commission.

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