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18/04/2019 2:35:24 PM

Locally, nationally, clinically, professionally, the beginning of 2019 has been a busy time for general practice. We look at the most popular newsGP articles from the first part of the year.

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The first part of 2019 has been a busy time for general practice.

Locally, nationally, clinically, professionally, the beginning of 2019 has been a busy time for general practice.
Here are some of the most popular newsGP articles that GPs have been reading over the first few months of the year.
Patients warned against early flu shot
RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon urged patients to speak with their doctor before a flu shot to ensure the timing is effective.
Going to Japan: ‘The travel advice that nobody’s talking about’
Dr Takako Kobayashi wants to improve health communication between Australia and Japan – and has some travel medicine advice many may find surprising.
New research again confirms no link between MMR vaccine and autism
The 20-year study, the largest of its kind, comprehensively invalidated claims that the MMR vaccine increases the risk of developing ASD.
Intermittent fasting delivers results for women with obesity
Research has found women with obesity who followed a strict diet involving intermittent fasting lost more weight than those undertaking other methods.
GPs report worried patients giving infants peanuts or eggs in hospital car parks
Concerned parents are parking outside of hospitals and GP clinics in an effort to mitigate risk when giving their children peanuts or eggs for the first time.
How one doctor survived family violence – and gained her Fellowship
Dr Imaan Joshi survived eight years of abuse. Now she wants to teach junior doctors about boundaries and resilience.
State of play: For and against pill testing
This summer saw several overdose deaths and a number of hospitalisations at Australian music festivals, re-energising the debate over the implementation of pill testing. newsGP explores various aspects of the debate. 
PBS listing could save psoriasis patients tens of thousands a year
Two effective – yet underutilised – psoriasis treatments have been added to the PBS, potentially reducing the cost by $32k per year.
Queensland Parliament recommends passing mandatory reporting legislation
The RACGP is extremely disappointed in a decision that flies in the face of the college’s advocacy on the issue and multiple submissions from the medical community.
Breakthrough on hospital–GP clinical handover
A major Australian hospital service has moved to reframe discharge summaries as clinical handovers, following years of advocacy by local GPs.
RACGP to expand training into China
Health authorities in China have proposed a partnership with the RACGP to help train new GPs as part of efforts to considerably increase the country’s primary care workforce.
Federal Budget: RACGP calls for more to be done in general practice
President Dr Harry Nespolon said greater investment is needed to improve primary care and patient health outcomes.
RACGP assumes responsibility for AGPT program
The RACGP has formally signed an agreement with the Federal Government in what is described as the final step towards profession-led Australian general practice training.
KFP 2019.1 exam report: Tips to improve outcomes
The 2019.1 Key Feature Problem exam report outlines some areas to assist candidates when preparing for and sitting the exam.
RACGP cautiously welcomes Labor’s promise to fully end Medicare freeze
But President Dr Harry Nespolon has called on major parties to bring general consultation items to where they would have been without lost indexation.

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