Updated MBS fee summary: What GPs need to know

Matt Woodley

5/12/2019 2:25:11 PM

The RACGP’s comprehensive listing of rebates for general practice services subsidised under Medicare, including recent key changes, is now available.

Navigating MBS
The MBS fee summary is designed to help GPs navigate the 1300-page schedule, which contains more than 5700 items.

The RACGP’s Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee summary aims to provide members with a quick and easy reference to MBS item numbers relevant to general practice, in order to help navigate the more than 5700 items contained in the 1300 page document.
Published annually, the summary also includes links to explanatory notes, information regarding Medicare compliance, and more.
Key changes in this year’s fee summary include:

  • amended rebates in line with the re-introduction of indexation to all remaining general practice services, as well as procedural items
  • the addition of new items
    • heart health checks
    • spirometry
    • remote renal dialysis
    • telehealth to provide focused psychological strategies
    • mental health services provided via telehealth in drought-affected areas
    • telehealth consultations for patients in rural and remote areas
    • treatment and management of eating disorders
  • the re-ordering of some categories to prioritise the more commonly used general practice items
  • additional links to explanatory notes
  • links to information about Medicare compliance, and updated links to other relevant information and resources.
This year’s guide also explains that MBS rebates alone are not indicative of the value or cost of providing general practice services, and that GPs are not required to bulk bill any service.
Accompanying the fee summary is a short guide covering the most commonly used items in general practice, which has been determined via Medicare Item Reports available through the Department of Human Services website.
The digital versions of each resource include customisable columns for clinic fees and patient out-of-pocket contributions, which allow practices to enter their own practice fees for easy reference.
The RACGP is seeking member feedback on how the fee summary can be improved and what else can be done to help members navigate the MBS. Feedback can be sent to the Funding and Health System Reform team via
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