eHealth Forum: Technology and modern general practice

Paul Hayes

22/11/2017 1:02:14 PM

The RACGP Expert Committee – eHealth and Practice Systems’ (REC–eHPS) third annual eHealth Forum will be held tomorrow, Thursday 23 November, at RACGP House in East Melbourne.

The eHealth Forum is designed to bring together general practice stakeholders to discuss issues currently affecting the profession.
The eHealth Forum is designed to bring together general practice stakeholders to discuss issues currently affecting the profession.

The forum will focus on developments in eHealth, information management, and other areas that impact the future of Australian general practice.
‘The goal of the forum is to bring together key stakeholders across the eHealth sector to look at how technology can improve safety and quality in general practice,’ Dr Nathan Pinskier, GP and Chair of the REC–eHPS, told newsGP.
‘The forum’s success over the last two years has resulted in the RACGP releasing a number of resources to support general practice, including Information security in general practice and the Guide to information back up in general practice.’
RACGP members and others in the eHealth community are invited to participate in the forum through a live Twitter feed using the hashtag, #GPeHealth. In addition, content will be hosted on the RACGP website following the event.
Topics to be discussed at the eHealth Forum include:
Farewell the fax update
Following last year’s exploration of interoperable secure electronic communications – with experts discussing why this should be a priority, challenges faced and work being undertaken – this year’s forum will feature an update as to when general practice can finally say farewell to the fax machine.
Pathway to ePrescriptions
Expert panellists will examine the current environment for the use of electronic prescriptions (ePrescriptions), including the benefits for patient safety and the legislative changes required to make their use a reality.
Digital healthcare and cyber security
According to the IBM X-Force threat intelligence index, healthcare was one of the five most attacked industries in 2016. With the notifiable data breach scheme coming into effect in February 2018, general practices need to ensure they have procedures and policies in place to secure personal information. This session will discuss risk mitigation, training and education for practice staff members, and appropriate device and technology usage.
Blockchain technology
Blockchain technology is a method of creating interoperability that will potentially address healthcare’s security problems. A type of digital ledger technology originally developed in 2008 to underpin the exchange of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain technology is now being applied to industries in which information is exchanged between parties. The open and decentralised nature of Blockchain, and its potential for data security, creates new ways of managing health records and proving a patient’s identity.
The forum will also feature an open Q&A session. Participants will have the opportunity for their eHealth questions to be answered by a number of expert panellists, including:

 People who are unable to take part in the eHealth Forum can voice their opinion in the 2017 RACGP Technology Survey. Contact ehealth@racgp.org.au for more information about the eHealth Forum or the REC–eHPS.

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