First ever RACGP Practice Owners National Conference a major success

Amanda Lyons

27/08/2018 12:31:34 PM

The popularity of the inaugural Practice Owners National Conference shows a strong GP appetite for support and information about running and owning your own business.

The first ever RACGP Practice Owners National Conference received an enthusiastic response from GP attendees.
The first ever RACGP Practice Owners National Conference received an enthusiastic response from GP attendees.

The RACGP Practice Owners National Conference, held last weekend in Melbourne, began with humble plans for a small but informative event. But the college quickly found that interest far outstripped available space.
‘We started aiming for 150 delegates, and with three and a half months to go all 150 spots were sold and we had 150 on the wait list,’ Dr Sean Stevens, Chair of the RACGP Business of General Practice Specific Interests network and a key organiser of the conference, along with Dr Todd Cameron, told newsGP.
‘We had to move to a larger venue and ended up with 480 delegates and presenters, with approximately 50 on the wait list.’
Dr Stevens believes this enthusiasm reflects a strong need among GPs for business-related information and support.
‘We get plenty of education on clinical topics in medical school and general practice training – and rightly so – but almost none on business. Yet 85% of practices are small-to-medium private enterprises,’ he said.
The conference was designed to help fill GPs’ need for relevant business information, connect practice owners with their peers from across the country, and provide mentoring and assistance for GPs who are aspiring to become practice owners.
The conference featured two streams, one for established practices and another for new and aspiring practice owners. Morning teas, dinners and networking drinks also provided opportunities for attendees to network and meet other like-minded general practice colleagues.
‘We wanted to improve the engagement and network of practice owners. If you’ve run in to a problem as an owner, there’s usually someone else who’s had the same problem and can help you solve it,’ Dr Stevens explained.
‘We also wanted to start an ongoing dialogue between owners, which is why we’ve established a space on shareGP and are already planning our next conference and other educational events.’

WAFac-BOA-Sean-Stevens-Article.jpgDr Sean Stevens said the conference’s ‘participation, engagement, inspiration and energy have been overwhelming’. 
The conference, which provided a slate of nearly 30 presenters who spoke on various aspects of running and owning a practice, from selecting the right business structure to improving clinical outcomes, received an extremely positive response from attendees.
‘The participation, engagement, inspiration and energy have been overwhelming,’ Dr Stevens said. ‘The feedback, both in person and on our conference app, was overwhelmingly positive.
‘The audience response questions at the end also showed that 95% want to come to next year’s conference.’
With such success at the first conference, Dr Stevens, his colleagues and the RACGP are already making plans for a follow-up.
‘Our next conference is scheduled for May and we’re going to start the planning for that within the next four weeks,’ he said. ‘We have over 3000 pieces of feedback to collate so we’ll be working through that to make next year’s conference even better.
‘We’ll also be looking to roll out other educational events between now and then, so watch this space.’

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Dr.Vinod Lal   28/08/2018 6:31:27 AM

Its very important that only GPs to own and run practices.I dont understand why more than 70% of medical centres in Australia are non-doctor owned.Its tells me that profession had been sold to non-medical.Look at UK and Nz. In UK non-doctors cant own practices and in NZ more than 95% are doctor owned
RACGP in conjugation with AMA must push Govt to have such legislation as in UK.Doctors who work in clinics loose 35% of earnings to clinic owners and and on top of it owners take all PIPs payment as well.In fact Govt gives enough r enumeration for any doctor owned clinics to be profitable if one dont have to give 35% earning to owners.Above all college has to be more vocal regarding excessive doctor numbers .This is another cause of low returns.
Cause on poor doctors earnings are as important to focus on as is continuing education otherwise GP will fade away in due course as new graduates will refuse to take up the discipline.

Dr Anilkumar Manikappa Patil   28/08/2018 3:59:21 PM

I support 100% in terms of GP clinics to be owned by GP's,
As pharmacy lobby is not letting any others to own pharmacy
Needs urgent action

Dr. Nirmalie Jayasinghe   29/08/2018 12:12:37 PM

I really wish that I could attend this conference. Because it was full , I did not apply. Unfortunately did not get the message that re opened. When ever the next one can I please attend.

Dr David Yu   29/08/2018 1:02:01 PM

Please book me in the next RACGP Practice Owners National Conference.

newsGP   29/08/2018 1:17:15 PM

Anyone interested in future practice owner events can email to be added to the RACGP's mailing list. Thank you.