GP19: Your patients, your community, your solutions

Paul Hayes

23/10/2019 3:00:41 PM

From AI to pain management to running a practice, the first day of the RACGP’s conference offers GPs a comprehensive look at their profession.

GP19 has kicked off in Adelaide.

Just as general practice is the centre of Australian healthcare, Adelaide will become the centre of Australian general practice, with the RACGP’s 2019 conference for general practice – GP19 – getting underway on Thursday 24 October.
‘This year’s theme is “Your patients. Your community. Your solutions”. Delegates will learn about the latest in technological breakthroughs, groundbreaking research, and clinical skills that can make a real difference to the lives of patients across Australia,’ RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon said.
Day one of GP19 officially starts with the President’s Welcome, at which Dr Nespolon will address delegates who have come to Adelaide from around the country.
‘GP19 allows us to consider what the future may hold for our GPs and how we can modernise and adapt to provide the highest standard of care for patients,’ he said.
‘We want all participants to think outside the box when considering what the future of general practice should look like.’
GP19-day-1-9-Hero.jpgDelegates from around the country are attending the RACGP's conference for general practice.

Dr Nespolon will be followed by Dr Martin Seneviratne, an Australian doctor turned clinical informatician who will give the conference’s first plenary speech – The future of AI in medicine.
Dr Seneviratne believes AI (artificial intelligence) represents a genuine opportunity to improve healthcare if used correctly.
‘If we do this right, we can hopefully give clinicians more time,’ he previously told newsGP. ‘Rather than doctors being replaced, there will be a redistribution of the kinds of things doctors work on.’
Day one features presentations on topics across the broad church of general practice, including (but not limited to):

Chair of RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Associate Professor Peter O’Mara, will be leading celebrations of achievements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health over the last 12 months, followed by the RACGP’s annual awards ceremony.
Dr Nespolon will congratulate the year’s best GP, general practice supervisor, general practice registrar, and more, including the winner of the college’s highest accolade, the Rose–Hunt award.
The day will conclude with the RACGP Convocation and Annual General Meeting, both of which will be livestreamed via the RACGP member app.
Dr Nespolon also believes GP19 is a reminder of why general practice work is so vital to the nation’s health system.
‘What every GP participating at GP19 will tell you is that a healthy general practice equals healthy communities. If a person delays or avoids a visit to their GP, they may end up in a hospital bed – a scenario that benefits no one,’ he said.
‘So we need government funding to keep pace with the cost of GP services. It’s as simple as that.’
More information is available on the GP19 website.
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