Health of the Nation: The state of general practice

Morgan Liotta

5/05/2021 3:40:35 PM

The RACGP is inviting GPs to share their views on the importance of their profession and their role in improving the health of all Australians.

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Health of the Nation is designed to provide a snapshot of contemporary general practice, as told by GPs.

As the only comprehensive and robust study of its kind, the RACGP’s General Practice: Health of the Nation report each year provides a comprehensive and distinct overview of Australian general practice.
The report is shaped by drawing on specifically commissioned research using input from RACGP Fellows across the nation, as well as a range of government publications.
As with previous years, the 2021 General Practice: Health of the Nation report will detail facts and trends in general practice, outlining the strengths, emerging issues, and areas of focus that require further policy action.
Data collected from the this year’s survey will influence the college’s submissions to government and support general practice advocacy efforts, including priority areas of the Australian Government’s Long Term National Health Plan, with mental health and preventive health initiatives identified by GPs as key areas of focus.
It will also contribute to the monitoring of longitudinal trends that outline changes within the general practice sector from the perspective of GPs and patients.
‘I invite GPs to have your say, be open about your experiences – both rewarding and challenging – in your day-to-day practice,’ RACGP President Dr Karen Price told newsGP.
‘Your responses will contribute to delivering a unique insight into Australian general practice, what drives our healthcare system and what improvements need to happen to shape the future of primary healthcare.’
As the most regularly accessed health professionals in Australia, GPs are in a distinctive position to provide insight into the health and wellbeing of the community.
The 2021 General Practice: Health of the Nation survey will focus on a range of areas, including:

  • the complexities of managing patients with multimorbidity
  • access to primary healthcare services within general practices and aged care facilities
  • the impact of COVID-19 on general practice
  • GP career satisfaction.
Previous reports show a trend in career satisfaction and mental health issues as key focus areas for GPs, with the 2020 report revealing for the fourth year running that mental health presentations remain the number one reason people visit their GP.
Medicare rebates and updated funding models were the most identified priorities for policy action in the 2020 report.
Dr Price highlights the value of GP feedback in helping to paint a picture of Australian general practice.
‘As GPs, we are the foundation of our nation’s healthcare,’ she said.
‘We are on the frontline of the healthcare system and have undergone many challenges the past year as a consequence of the COVID pandemic.
‘As one of the most accessed and trusted healthcare professionals, we have a valuable role in delivery of telehealth, mental health care, chronic disease management and preventive health, among many others. As well as being central to Australia’s vaccine rollout.’
RACGP Fellows have been invited via email to complete the General Practice: Health of the Nation 2021 survey – which closes on Sunday 9 May.
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