In Practice: Member access to rapid antigen tests

Morgan Liotta

27/01/2022 2:04:42 PM

The college is aiming to help address supply issues by making the tests available to members via the RACGP Plus portal.

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The RACGP is providing members with RATs to help address supply shortages.

This week’s round up also includes details about Standards updates, mental health and hepatitis B training opportunities, as well as the opportunity to apply for an academic post.
RACGP member access to rapid antigen tests
The RACGP is giving members the opportunity to source rapid antigen tests via the college to help address current supply challenges.
Members can log in to the RACGP Plus portal and select:
Professional benefits > Medical equipment > Add to cart
Rapid antigen test prices are $8.36 per swab, with a minimum order of 25 boxes, and should only be used by health professionals.
Administrative updates to the Standards
In addition to recent updates to the Standards for general practices (fifth edition) on telehealth, sex and gender, and infection prevention and control, the RACGP has made a number of administrative changes to the Standards.
The additional changes have been made in response to observations and lessons learned during the development of recent Standards projects, and have now been published.
Infection prevention and control updates to the Standards
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, various measures have been taken to improve and pivot to new ways of working in clinical practice, including more stringent infection prevention and control.
The college has reviewed the fifth edition Standards to ensure they align with these recent changes to practice. Changes are applicable and relevant to the pandemic and other scenarios, such as bushfires, floods and other emergencies and disasters.
More information about the updates is available in the February edition of Standards news, where GPs can subscribe to track future updates to the Standards.
Hepatitis B for primary care providers
Webinar: Tuesday 22 February, 7.00 − 8.30 pm (AEDT) 
Primary care practitioners play a crucial role in ensuring improved health outcomes for people with hepatitis B, through testing, diagnosis, informed clinical management and support of individuals and families.
In collaboration with the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine, this webinar will provide GPs and primary care nurses with introductory knowledge regarding the care and management of hepatitis B.
Register online.
Mental health webinar series
The ‘Mental bites’ webinar series will cover common and pertinent topics in psychological medicine that GPs face daily in practice. It is designed to be valuable for practitioners with a high level of experience and training in psychological medicine-related skills, as well as those looking to update their learning and increase confidence in applying these skills in consultations.
The first webinar, ‘What is a GP mental health specialist?’, will take place on Thursday 3 March at 1.00 pm (AEDT).
RACGP Academic Post Program
Webinar: Tuesday 15 February, 7.00 – 8.15 pm (AEDT)
GPs are invited to a webinar showcasing research projects, and the highlights and challenges encountered by participants of the RACGP Academic Post program.
The facilitator and presenters will also participate in a Q&A session with attendees.
Register online.
Professional Services Review newsletter
The January 2022 edition of the Professional Services Review (PSR) newsletter is now available.
The newsletter features a number of updates, including an activity summary for the last quarter, new appointments to the PSR Panel, and information about applying for positions on the PSR Panel and Determining Authority.
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newsGP weekly poll Which of the RACGP’s 2022 Advocacy Priorities would most benefit your practice?



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