In Practice: Vigabratin substitutions

Matt Woodley

21/09/2023 5:03:40 PM

The TGA has said that the tablet form of the epilepsy medication is in scarce and enabled pharmacists to replace it with oral sachets.

Pharmacist consulting with a patient.
The TGA has established a Serious Scarcity Substitution Instrument to manage the ongoing shortage of vigabatrin.

This week’s In Practice also includes information on a new webinar aimed at providing telehealth in aged care, and a reminder about the GP Research Project Noticeboard.
Vigabatrin Serious Scarcity Substitution Instrument
To manage the ongoing shortage of vigabatrin (sold as Sabril) tablets, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has establishedSerious Scarcity Substitution Instrument (SSSI) that:

  • declares vigabatrin 500 mg tablets as a scarce medicine
  • allows a pharmacist to provide vigabatrin 0.5 g oral sachets when the prescribed vigabatrin tablets are unavailable without prior approval from the prescriber.
The SSSI will be in effect until 31 January 2024, unless ended earlier if the serious scarcity is resolved, and the substitution will be PBS subsidised, provided the original script was a PBS script.
On-demand webinar: Telehealth with patients in aged care
Learn more about using telehealth with patients in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) via a new, on-demand webinar from the RACGP’s Practice Technology and Management team.
Presenter Dr Steven Kaye discusses the benefits of using telephone and video consultations and provides succinct advice on deciding whether to use telehealth with a particular patient.
The session includes tips on setting up for a telehealth session in practice and at the RACF, making modifications for patients with a sensory or cognitive impairment, and billing for these services.  
The pre-recorded session is available to view at any time and is presented free of charge via the RACGP website
GP Research Project Noticeboard
The RACGP GP Research Project Noticeboard displays surveys and research projects that GPs can get involved in.
Current projects listed on the noticeboard include:
  • perinatal education and support program for first-time Australian fathers
  • weight management and meal timing for obesity
  • primary care for multimorbidity patients.
The RACGP supports GPs undertaking research that contributes to the knowledge base of the profession and has a list of more than 40 projects GPs can contribute to.
Members can also submit their research projects to the noticeboard to invite participation from the general practice community.
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newsGP weekly poll What is your chief concern with role substitution?



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