More flexible rural generalist training

Paul Hayes

23/03/2020 11:07:41 AM

The RACGP is helping to make it easier for Australia’s future GPs to choose additional skills training.

Ayman Shenouda
RACGP Vice President Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda believes the changes will be beneficial to future GPs and Australia’s rural communities.

‘This is about making it easier for future GPs to choose the right training pathway for their circumstances and aspirations.’
That is RACGP Vice President and Chair of RACGP Rural Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda discussing changes to the Australian General Practice Training Rural Generalist (AGPT RG) pathway.
GPs with an interest in being an AGPT RG registrar can now opt in at any stage of their training journey. They can also opt out if their situation changes and, crucially, continue their AGPT training with no disruption.
‘It will make it more straightforward for a future GP who’s chosen to live in a rural or remote community to opt into the RG pathway, and in doing so, that community will benefit from this training,’ Associate Professor Shenouda said.
The RACGP’s AGPT RG program is designed to train future GPs in delivering comprehensive general practice and emergency care services, equipping them with the skills to meet gaps in rural health services.
‘For a GP to have these additional skills under their belt when they complete their training will be not only enormously beneficial to their career, but also to their patients and the rural and remote communities in which they live,’ Associate Professor Shenouda
‘Every rural and remote community across Australia deserves access to highly trained GPs who understand their unique needs.
‘I’m proud that the RACGP is playing a key role in making that happen.’
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