October issue of Australian Journal of General Practice now available

Paul Hayes

27/09/2018 12:43:52 PM

The latest issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice, the RACGP’s peer-reviewed
scholarly journal, is available online.

The October issue of AJGP focuses on continuity of care.
The October issue of AJGP focuses on continuity of care.

The October issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice (AJGP) focuses on continuity of care, discussing problems and challenges in the current health system.
Continuity of care: Vital, but how do we measure and promote it?
The aim of this article is to examine the challenges in measuring and promoting continuity of care in Australia.
Claire Jackson, Lauren Ball
Can continuity of care in primary care be sustained in the modern health system?
This viewpoint article identifies strategies for encouraging the benefits of continuity of care within a modern health system.
Michael Wright, Arch G Mainous III
A glimpse of 21st century care
This article seeks to illustrate the benefits of the emerging digital health system by reference to typical patients that Australian GPs are treating.
Steve Hambleton
Medication management of type 2 diabetes in residential aged care
The aim of this article is to review best practice medication management for residents diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Jacquelina Stasinopoulos, J Simon Bell, Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis, Michelle Hogan, Peter Jenkin, Janet K Sluggett, Larissa Dubecki  
Continuity of care is in the eye of the beholder
Providing continuity of care has long been one of the RACGP’s standards and is considered a core component of high-performing healthcare systems. But are we clear in what we mean by continuity of care?
Michael Wright
Removal of ear, nose and throat foreign bodies: A review
The aim of this paper is to outline common foreign objects and review the associated anatomy that may make removal difficult.
Sarah Grigg, Cameron Grigg
A coughing, tiptoeing six-year-old
A woman brought her previously well son, aged six years, to the GP because he had been having difficulties with walking over the previous three days.
Benjamin O Adeyemi
An indurated, longitudinal plaque on the arm of a seven-year-old girl
A girl aged seven years presented with a three-year history of an indurated longitudinal plaque on her left shoulder, extending down her posterior arm.
Michael MA Tran
Factors associated with the initiation of testosterone replacement therapy in men from the 45 and Up Study
There have been large increases in testosterone prescribing since 2000. The aim of this study was to identify factors associated with testosterone replacement therapy initiation in men.
Yan Cheng, Deborah Bateson, Kristine Concepcion, Mary Stewart, Michael Lowy, Sally Sweeney, Jane Estoesta, Kevin McGeechan  
How doctors conceptualise P values: A mixed methods study
Researchers and clinicians have been criticised for frequently misinterpreting and misusing P values. This study sought to understand how GPs in Australia and New Zealand conceptualise P values presented in the manner typically encountered in a medical publication.
Chun Wah Michael Tam, Abeer Hasan Khan, Andrew Knight, Joel Rhee, Karen Price, Katrina McLean  
Current pattern of primary aldosteronism diagnosis: Delayed and complicated
The aim of this study was to analyse the referral pattern and disease characteristics of patients with hypertension and suspected primary aldosteronism.
Yin Yu Lim, Jimmy Shen, Peter J Fuller, Jun Yang  
Gender differences in Australian general practice trainees performing procedures related to women’s reproductive health: A cross-sectional analysis
The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence and association of general practice registrars’ performance of women’s procedures with trainees’ gender, rurality of practice and in-consultation seeking of information or assistance.
Fariba Aghajafari, Amanda Tapley, Mieke L van Driel, Andrew R Davey, Simon Morgan, Elizabeth G Holliday, Jean Ball, Nigel F Catzikiris, Katie J Mulquiney, Neil A Spike, Parker J Magin 
‘It’s a necessary evil’: Experiences and perceptions of mandatory reporting of child abuse in Victorian general practice
GPs and practice nurses are mandated to report child abuse; however, only 2–4% of reports are made by Victorian health professionals.
Jacqueline Kuruppu, Kirsty Forsdike, Kelsey Hegarty  
Clinical challenge
October clinical challenge
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