RACGP assumes responsibility for AGPT program

Matt Woodley

8/04/2019 11:11:37 AM

The RACGP has formally signed an agreement with the Federal Government in what is described as the final step towards profession-led Australian general practice training.

The confirmed agreement has been described as ‘an historic moment’.

President Dr Harry Nespolon said officially accepting such a high level of responsibility for the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program is a ‘historic moment’ for general practice, which reflects the professionalism and fundamental expertise of the RACGP.
‘We have waited far too long to have the training program under the direction of the RACGP,’ Dr Nespolon said.
‘Having the profession select entrants into the AGPT Program, based on contemporary evidence-based criteria, ensures only the most skilled registrar candidates are granted entry to general practice training.
‘This, in turn, will ensure that Australian patients receive the highest quality healthcare whenever they visit a GP.
‘Through the RACGP controlling the selection and overseeing their training, we can ensure our community is cared for by doctors who are passionate about and highly trained in preventive healthcare.’
The agreement was first announced by the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt at GP17.
It is hoped the new unified pathway will aid with the attraction and retention of locally-trained GPs to underserved regional areas in order to reduce reliance on overseas-trained doctors.
Dr Nespolon said the RACGP is looking forward to working with the regional training organisations (RTOs) to support all communities, from city centres to remote Australia.
‘General practice is the most important part of our healthcare system, and it is vital that our future GPs are committed, skilled and passionate,’ he said.
‘With the RACGP leading the way for future GPs, junior doctors entering the program will be able to learn from those who have walked before them.’

AGPT General Practice Recruitment Training

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Evan Ackermann   8/04/2019 5:22:00 PM

A piece of College silverware back in the cupboard...

Dr Andrew Yiuman Kwong   9/04/2019 6:47:08 AM

What a great idea and General Practice may have a chance for survival. Reason? Registrars will be guarded to learn towards caring for a fast changing world. More in practice, less in talk.

Peter Clyne   9/04/2019 8:18:04 AM

Memories are short. The RACGP used to set the standards for entry into training, its RACGP Training Program owned and managed Australia’s only general practice training program (which was an example to the world) and it set and ran the exam. This meant the RACGP set, implemented and tested the standards for entry to general practice from beginning to end. The RACGP controlled the culture of its own profession. Ignatius’ aphorism should ring loudly for us all: Give me the child till the age of seven years and I will give you the man”. The RACGP lost the child in 2001.

John North   9/04/2019 5:04:17 PM

Well said Peter. Only hope the College, will be able to repair the damage done to GP training and general practice, over the past 18 years- big repair task.

Bill Thompson   9/04/2019 6:34:54 PM

Thank Heavens that common sense has finally prevailed and training for future GPs will be done by "Real Doctors", still in practice rather than the city based cast of thousands who sit at computers all day ,attempting to communicate with emails ,webinars etc rather than person to person interaction .Let's hope that our college re introduces regional training facilities where the Supervisors ,Educators and Registrars have a common "place to meet" and we can all identify each other and work together to produce the best training possible for the future General Practitioners .