RACGP election candidates announced

Paul Hayes

12/06/2018 3:47:39 PM

The candidates for the next terms of the RACGP President and Registrar Representative on RACGP Council have been announced.

Voting in the RACGP elections will begin on 22 June.
Voting in the RACGP elections will begin on 22 June.

The RACGP has announced candidates for the coming elections for the roles of President and Registrar Representative.

  • Dr Bruce Willett (Qld)
  • Dr Jags Krishnan (WA)
  • Dr Harry Nespolon (NSW)
president-hero-(1).jpg(L–R) RACGP presidential candidates Dr Bruce Willett, Dr Jags Krishnan and Dr Harry Nespolon.

Registrar Representative
  • Dr Krystyna de Lange (Qld)
  • Dr Rebekah Hoffman (NSW)
  • Dr Abhishek Verma (Vic)
(L–R) RACGP Registrar Representative candidates Dr Krystyna de Lange, Dr Rebekah Hoffman and Dr Abhishek Verma.

Dr Kaye Atkinson (Vic) has been elected to the position of Censor-In-Chief.

kaye-atkinson-hero-(3).jpgRACGP Censor-in-Chief Dr Kaye Atkinson
Voting will take place in accordance with the RACGP’s Constitution and RACGP Election Policy. Voting will begin on 22 June (the Australian Election Company will email voting instructions to eligible members).
An RACGP Presidential Forum will be held on Tuesday 19 June, giving candidates the chance to answer questions from their peers about the current state of general practice, and discuss their election platform (more details below).
Successful candidates will be officially announced on Tuesday 3 July.
The two-year terms of the current President, Censor-in-Chief and Registrar Representative end at the close of the RACGP Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 October.
Visit the RACGP website for more about the candidates and for more information about the voting process.
Presidential forum
RACGP members are invited to attend the presidential forum on Tuesday 19 June in Melbourne. The forum is designed to provide candidates an opportunity to engage with members and present their election platform.
The event will also include a general panel discussion on current issues in general practice:
  • How will GP education need to change to stay relevant to patient expectations of care?
  • How can the RACGP support practices to ensure viability?
The forum will be filmed and made available on shareGP.
Email for more information, including attending the forum and putting forward a question for discussion.

censor-in-chief presidential-forum racgp-elections racgp-president registrar-representative

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Richard Lawrance   13/06/2018 5:51:28 PM

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