RACGP reassures that GPs are dependable providers of immunisation advice

Amanda Lyons

15/11/2017 3:14:21 PM

Chair of RACGP Victoria Dr Cameron Loy has given assurance that GPs can provide parents with reliable, evidence-based information regarding immunisations.

GPs remain a trusted source of immunisation advice.
GPs remain a trusted source of immunisation advice.

‘I would like to reassure Australians that their GPs remains the most trusted source of advice on immunisations,’ Dr Loy said. ‘Anti-vaccination messages have absolutely no place in general practice.’
Dr Loy made the comments following to the Victorian Government’s strengthening of the state’s ‘No Jab, No Play’ requirements. Changes to the legislation, introduced into state parliament today, ensure that parents enrolling children in childcare or kindergarten can use only one source as medical evidence for a child’s lack of immunisation: an Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register.
This change means that letters and documents provided by GPs will no longer be accepted, preventing the use of exemptions prepared by practitioners who may be sympathetic to anti-vaccination beliefs.
While the RACGP is supportive of the Victorian Government’s efforts to strengthen immunisation rates, it maintains that GPs are committed to evidence-based medicine and suggests further discussion on immunisation exemptions.
‘I invite the Andrews Labor Government to consult with the RACGP on this issue to provide a clear solution that fairly represents Australian GPs, and is in the best interest of the Australian public,’ Dr Loy said.
Dr Loy also offered a message of support to concerned parents in the community.
‘Please share your questions and concerns with your GP,’ he said. ‘Your GP will offer specific advice to you and your child’s individual needs and circumstances.’

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