RACGP resources to assist GPs during National Diabetes Week

Amanda Lyons

9/07/2018 12:15:37 PM

National Diabetes Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of detecting and managing diabetes as early as possible, and the RACGP has a number of resources designed to assist GPs in these efforts.

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The RACGP has a number of resources to assist GPs in preventing, detecting and managing all types of diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes has been referred to as a 21st century epidemic and is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia.
One million people, or 4.4% of the Australian population, had type 2 diabetes in 2014–15, a significant increase from 840,000 in 2011–12.
And these numbers only represent people who have been told by a doctor or nurse that they have diabetes: it has been estimated that up to 500,000 Australians are living with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, which can have very serious consequences, including kidney damage, blindness and stroke.
These figures render the focus of this year’s National Diabetes Week on timely treatment and diagnosis more urgent than ever. And, according to Diabetes Australia Chief Executive Officer Greg Johnson, GPs are absolutely key to this effort.
‘Primary care research is critically important because that’s where the epidemic of type 2 diabetes is diagnosed and primarily managed,’ he told the RACGP.
‘For a person to live a healthy life with diabetes, they need a close relationship with their GP.’
The RACGP recognises GPs’ vital role in prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetes and has a number of resources to assist them in supporting their patients with this condition:

“Diabetes” “Green “Hyperglycaemia” “National “Red Book” diabetes guide” week”


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