Reimagining healthcare communication

Paul Hayes

26/10/2017 12:00:00 AM

US physician Dr Jay Parkinson used his opening keynote address at GP17 to challenge GPs’ traditional views of patient interaction, ‘blowing up’ the idea that the consultation room is the exclusive domain of healthcare results.

Dr Jay Parkinson during his opening keynote address
Dr Jay Parkinson during his opening keynote address

‘Change is hard and you are always going to get pushback,’ he said. ‘GPs must challenge themselves. If not, they risk losing public trust.’ 
As the CEO and founder of Sherpaa, the world’s first online medical practice, Dr Parkinson is in favour of greater levels of healthcare communication via online channels. Sherpaa is an app-based online practice through which doctors diagnose and treat patients, order tests, prescribe medications, and arrange any necessary care with local specialists. Dr Parkinson labels this version of healthcare delivery, ‘virtual primary care 3.0’.
‘Virtual primary care 3.0 is about problem-solving over in-person relationships,’ he said.
While acknowledging this way of thinking may make some Australian GPs uncomfortable, Dr Parkinson believes general practice must continue to ask questions about how doctors and patients connect and solve problems in order to take ownership of the every-approaching future.
‘As GPs, I think we can define the future for ourselves and our patients. Otherwise, someone else will,’ he said.

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