Rural Registrar of the Year

Paul Hayes

25/10/2017 12:00:00 AM

Gladstone Street Medical Clinic’s Dr Cassie Rickard, the RACGP’s 2017 Rural Registrar of the Year, has made herself a valuable part of the workforce in Victoria’s Gippsland region. A commitment to rural healthcare has been evident from her time as a medical student, seeking out remote placements in East Gippsland and the Northern Territory.

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Dr Cassie Rickard, winner of the RACGP’s 2017 Rural Registrar of the Year Award

‘I was impressed by the scope of practice offered by rural GPs, and the satisfaction of working in a small community,’ she told Good Practice. ‘I feel privileged to share patient journeys.’

Dr Rickard balances part-time practice with teaching through Eastern Victoria (EV) GP Training and the Monash School of Rural Health. While acknowledging the difficulties of medicine, Dr Rickard found being named the Rural Registrar of the Year helped validate her efforts and sacrifices, as well her husband’s.

‘I also feel it recognises the efforts of mentors and colleagues, who inspired and supported me and helped make me the doctor I am today,’ she said.



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