The RACGP’s technology survey results are in

Morgan Liotta

8/02/2019 2:18:11 PM

The survey explored knowledge and experience of eHealth technologies, barriers and drivers, and education and training needs.

The 2018 technology survey revealed that 87% of GP respondents are now entirely digital, with no supplementary paper records.
The 2018 technology survey revealed that 87% of GP respondents are now entirely digital, with no supplementary paper records.

The RACGP’s Views and attitudes towards technological innovation in general practice: Survey report 2018 incorporates results from the 1762 GPs who participated in the survey.
The survey is designed to gain insights into GPs’ use of technology in Australia, assist the RACGP in understanding what systems are being used, where future investment is needed and the key technology challenges faced by general practice teams.
It also details a number of RACGP resources to support implementation and effective use of eHealth technologies in general practice.
‘GPs report that technology has led to improved practice efficiencies and more effective collaboration with other healthcare providers, resulting in improved continuity of care and better patient outcomes,’ Dr Rob Hosking, Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee – Practice Technology and Management (REC–PTM), said.
Significant findings from the 2018 survey show that:

  • 87% of GP respondents are entirely digital, with no supplementary paper records maintained
  • 71% of GPs are satisfied with the way they use technology in their practice (those with 5–10 years’ experience report the highest rate of satisfaction)
  • 50% of GPs feel confident about experimenting with new technologies
  • 50% of GPs send and receive clinical information via secure electronic communication.
Identified barriers for adopting eHealth technologies include a lack of:
  • knowledge of effective apps, both for GP usage and recommendations to patients
  • trustworthy sources to access effective apps
  • patient digital literacy
  • integration into clinical software and workflows.
In terms of professional development, 41% of respondents reported participation in eHealth professional development in 2018, with webinars the most used platform.
My Health Record was the most cited eHealth professional development topic for GPs, with 73% of GPs uploading patient data to the system. A third of GPs (30%) also reported accessing patients’ health information via My Health Record that would not have otherwise been available to them.
The next RACGP technology survey will open in late 2019.

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