The top general practice stories of 2022

Matt Woodley

21/12/2022 5:36:20 PM

Regulation, Medicare and COVID-19 are the dominant themes running through this year’s top 10 stories.

Graphic representing 2022 and medicine.
As the year draws to a close, newsGP counts down the top 10 stories from 2022.

The past 12 months have been undeniably challenging for general practice, with GPs navigating a return to business as usual amid an explosion of COVID cases and increasingly finite resources.
As the year draws to a close, newsGP counts down the top 10 stories from 2022.
When the Professional Review Branch comes calling
(Published 16 September)
Dr Andre Leong thought he was performing a community service and saving the healthcare system money. The department disagreed.
‘A kick in the guts’: Frontline GPs respond to Medicare story
(Published 21 October)
How serious is the fallout from this week’s ‘rort’ headlines? GPs around the country explain why they are so upset.
What doctors think about antidepressants and the ‘serotonin theory’
(Published 29 July)
Two GPs and two psychiatrists provide reactions from the mental health coalface to a new systematic umbrella review that questions the role ‘chemical imbalance’ plays in depression.
‘Doctors might be intimidated’: GP blasts NSW complaints body
(Published 14 March)
A single anonymous complaint was enough for one Taree GP to receive a warning about ‘maintaining constructive communication’ in public.
Upcoming MBS changes GPs need to know
(Published 29 June)
A number of updates will be implemented from 1 July, while Medicare support for longer phone consultations will not be extended.
People do not understand general practice – and that’s a major problem
(Published 9 September)
There is a need to move on from ‘production line clicks’ favoured by health managers and embrace the complexity of general practice, writes Adjunct Professor Karen Price.
GP sued by naturopath faces long road ahead
(Published 26 May)
Dr Adam Smith thought he was doing a community service – now he’s facing up to $800,000 in legal fees.
What GPs need to know about the new COVID antivirals
(Published 5 May)
Both oral antiviral COVID-19 treatments are now available, with significant restrictions, on the PBS. 
Pathology requests under the microscope
(Published 13 May)
More than 5000 GPs are about to receive a letter from the Department of Health about their pathology requests.
Molnupiravir to be used only as a last resort: Taskforce
(Published 5 December)
Advice has changed for the country’s most prescribed COVID-19 oral antiviral, although access via the PBS will remain in place.

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COVID-19 Medicare regulation

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newsGP weekly poll Should after-hours Medicare rebates extend to all-day Saturday?



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