Details of government incentive program revealed

Matt Woodley

4/07/2019 3:13:08 PM

It is described as a ‘major change’ for general practice, but questions over PIP QI remain less than a month ahead of its implementation.

Calendar showing 1 August
The Practice Incentive Program Quality Improvement is set to be implemented on 1 August.

The Federal Government’s Practice Incentive Program Quality Improvement (PIP QI) Incentive will pay general practices to share data from accredited practices with local Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and participate in quality improvement activities.
The $200 million program is set to be implemented on 1 August and draft guidelines were recently released to help GPs understand the PIP QI requirements and PIP data governance arrangements.
The RACGP supports PIP QI but Dr Michael Wright, Chair of RACGP Expert Committee – Funding and Health System Reform, told newsGP that GPs should exercise caution when signing up, as many details for what he described as a ‘major change for general practice’ have not been finalised.
‘Although this does represent new money for general practice, it is important for practices to have a look at any agreement they need to sign for PHNs or data extractors, and ensure they are happy with the privacy and consent issues,’ he said.
‘This program has been delayed twice by a year, so the Department of Health is keen to get started.
‘We expect a lot of information to come out in the next week or two, but we’re still communicating with the Department [of Health] about any issues that emerge, so we’d be keen to hear whether GPs have any problems or concerns.’

qi-pip-article.jpgDr Michael Wright believes GPs should exercise caution when signing up to the PIP QI.
According to Dr Wright, the PIP QI is not a pay-for-performance program, but rather a recognition of the importance of data collected in general practice and the value it has to the broader system. He also stressed that the Department of Health will not be able to access data from an individual practice, GP or patient.
‘Practices will be asked to share practice data on 10 improvement measures related to key health priorities, such as obesity and diabetes, which will be used for population planning and to better inform health policy,’ he said.
‘The second component involves PHNs providing this data back to practices, along with an opportunity for practices to reflect on the data and identify an area for potential improvement.
‘This will not be used to assess the performance of a GP or a practice and no individual patient data is going to be provided to the Department of Health.
‘The PIP QI is about supporting practices to review and improve their performance, and about encouraging GPs and practices to have a greater role in managing the health of their whole practice population.’
According to the draft guidelines, eligible practices can receive a maximum payment of $12,500 per quarter, based on $5 per Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent, per year.
The RACGP will have an important ongoing role in supporting the quality improvement initiatives. GPs with any issues or concerns are encouraged to contact

Department of Health funding incentives PIP QI

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HEATHER WILLIAMS   5/07/2019 9:32:20 AM

This initiative has been visited upon General Practice which is largely funded/administered /enabled by private individuals who were not in any way included in its development or introduction - It would be better if General Practice was divorced from direct government funding or completely run by government rather than inadequate funds administered by blackmail delivered with no continuity or logic

Erfanul Haque   5/07/2019 6:55:39 PM

As a matter of fact, General Practices are supported such inadequately, though they survive with very hardship , whereas they are committed to fulfilling a very vital sector of health, the primary care.

To achieve a better primary care , the backbone of health, General Practices need to be well supported.

By tightening the Support to General Practices, I wander how quality primary health care can be warranted.

Contrarily, millions of dollars were spent through super clinics .
Instead of supporting General Practices , government trial to run Medical Centres failed.

So, by extended support to General Practices will ensue more warranted better services