Government boost of more than $50 million for women’s health

Morgan Liotta

9/04/2019 3:19:31 PM

The Federal Government has announced $52.2 million in funding with the launch of the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020–2030.

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The national strategy recognises the broad health needs of all women in Australia.

The National Women’s Health Strategy 2020–2030 builds on the National Women’s Health Policy 2010 and aims to identify requirements to improve health outcomes for women and girls, and provide a framework for action.

The women’s health strategy includes recommendations for action by women, health professionals and state and territory governments, while acknowledging the broad health needs of all women – regardless of age, cultural background, sexuality and gender identity.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the strategy ‘sets out a national approach to improving health outcomes for all women and girls in Australia, particularly those at greatest risk of poor health’.

‘Australian women on the whole enjoy long, healthy lives, with a current average life expectancy of 85 for those born in recent years,’ he said. 

‘This relatively long life expectancy disguises a large element of avoidable ill-health and inequitable outcomes between different groups.’

The $52.2 million will be split between a number of key women’s health improvement areas:

•    $20 million to support ovarian cancer research from the Medical Research Future Fund – focusing on risk factors and early detection strategies to improve prognosis of ovarian cancer
•    $10 million to support endometriosis – targeted research to improving treatment and understanding of endometriosis, as well as a digital health platform supporting research, resources and treatment tools based on patient feedback
•    $9 million invested in the build and operation of The Glen – a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program specifically for women, run by Aboriginal service providers
•    $5 million for Jean Hailes for Women’s Health – to continue its National Women’s Health Initiative and provision of the digital gateway for women’s health to patients and healthcare professionals

A further $7 million will be invested in family planning services, antenatal and postnatal support services and local women’s health promotion grants.

Other areas of focus include support services for family and domestic violence, prevention of stillbirth and postnatal depression, eating disorders, cervical cancer and breast cancer, including new treatments added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

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