GP awarded by Australian Patients Association

Amanda Lyons

26/07/2019 3:13:39 PM

Victorian RACGP Fellow Dr Donald Lewis recognised as Most Outstanding GP at the third annual patient-voted awards.

Dr Lara Roeske and Mr Jim Chambers.
Dr Lara Roeske and Mr Jim Chambers accept the Most Outstanding GP award on behalf of Dr Donald Lewis.

The Australian Patients Association (APA) awards, including the award for Most Outstanding GP, are patient-driven, which Dr Nathan Pinskier, former Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee – Practice Technology and Management, believes reflects the important relationship between GPs and their patients.
‘I think it’s fantastic when our patients recognise the work and the effort of GPs, and the relationships they have with them, because they’ve seen the value of that engagement,’ he told newsGP.
This year, the Most Outstanding GP award was presented to RACGP Fellow Dr Donald Lewis, but as he was too ill to attend, it was received by Dr Lara Roeske, former Chair of the RACGP Specific Interests Sexual Health Medicine network, and his work colleague Jim Chambers.
When receiving the award, Dr Roeske outlined the reasons for Dr Lewis’ popularity with patients.
‘Dr Lewis has offered his patients an invaluable mix of technical knowledge and experience together with a deep empathy and understanding of his patients’ struggles,’ she said.
‘This is why his patients have regularly reported that his treatment protocols, knowledge and empathy have set his practice apart from many other services they have attended for the management of their conditions.
‘He is greatly admired and respected by his grateful patients and was a stand-out amongst this year’s nominees. Congratulations, Donald and thank you for your sincere and empathic care of our community over the years.’
Paul Lewis, Dr Lewis’ son, also attended the awards to witness the APA’s acknowledgement of his father’s work.
‘To know it’s a patient-driven award is a really special thing,’ Mr Lewis said.
‘For the family to be part of that journey for him and to have that recognition of the work he’s done, when he’s at the point of health that he is, it’s been really special for him.
‘He’s been really shocked about it, but the family’s really thrilled just to be able to see him have that kind of recognition.’
Team-with-Paul-Lewis-Article.jpgFrom left to right: Dr Ronald McCoy, Dr Natalia Rode, Dr Billy Stoupas, Paul Lewis, Dr Lara Roeske, Dr Nathan Pinskier at the APA Awards.

Dr Roeske was delighted to be able to receive the award on behalf of her colleague and the very meaningful patient ‘thank you’ it represented.
‘GPs receive all sorts of acknowledgments; I think many of us have a collection of things from mugs, to bottles of wine to farm eggs – I often will have most incredible drawings from young patients and cards,’ she said.
‘And so our patients do thank us. But to actually celebrate in a more formal way, and in front of so many people today, I think it’s a real honour and a real privilege.
‘It probably is an honour amongst honours – because for many of us in the profession, what it is actually all about, is the patient.’

APA Australian Patients Association Awards Most Outstanding GP

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