NPS MedicineWise partnership to strengthen the role of GPs

Morgan Liotta

23/02/2022 2:39:35 PM

The collaboration builds on a shared goal of improving quality use of medicines, clinical decision making and general practice education.

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The RACGP and NPS MedicineWise have signed a Memorandum of Understanding aligning shared goals for the period October 2021 – July 2024.

The RACGP and NPS MedicineWise have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covering the period October 2021 – July 2024.
The collaboration strengthens a long-term commitment to improve quality use of medicines and clinical decision making to achieve better health outcomes for Australia.  
RACGP CEO Paul Wappett told newsGP the partnership will also support the college’s commitment to high-quality education.
‘This agreement continues an ongoing relationship that the college has developed with NPS MedicineWise over a number of years and can only stand to increase the support we provide to members,’ he said.
‘Aside from enhancing the suite of GP education resources we have available, it will also contribute to the development of therapeutic programs and initiatives, while providing additional support to general practice research.’

Key objectives of the partnership include:

  • improving the quality use and understanding of medicines, medical tests and clinical decision making
  • championing culturally safe, localised, clinically appropriate and evidence-based healthcare
  • identifying and undertaking joint opportunities to share knowledge and expertise, and progress new ways to improve health outcomes
  • gaining leverage and learning from the expertise, membership and role of both the RACGP and NPS MedicineWise
  • identifying complementary priorities, sharing resources and collaborating to maximise value and impact, and reduce duplication of efforts.
The MoU outlines the two organisations’ history of working collaboratively on projects, sharing expertise and supporting the common goal of quality use of medicines, and their ongoing joint commitment.
As per the MoU, the RACGP will work to meet commitments to NPS MedicineWise by cross-promoting relevant educational materials and resources to members, and contributing to the development of therapeutic programs and initiatives, while identifying opportunities to collaborate on programs where there is clear alignment of goals.
The college will also continue to deliver high-quality education, evidence-based information and clinical tools for GPs, including supporting quality use of medicines and a reduction in unnecessary healthcare by actively integrating the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative, as per the RACGP’s recommendations.
NPS CEO Katherine Burchfield also welcomed the partnership.
‘We are delighted to be taking our partnership with RACGP to the next level through our new Working Together Agreement,’ she said.
‘NPS MedicineWise and RACGP have been working together for many years to support GPs in their role around the quality use of medicines in Australia.   
‘This agreement builds on our achievements to date and harnesses our respective strengths and capabilities to provide greater coordination, reach and impact around the quality use of medicines.
‘This new way of working together will provide more structure in how [the] RACGP and NPS MedicineWise collaborate to support the quality use of medicines and maximise our collective impact – to achieve better health for all Australians.’
The partnership will also use MedicineInsight data to generate insights and drive change aimed at improving health literacy and empowering patients to make the best possible decisions in relation to medicines. 
‘All of the shared aspects of the partnership work towards the same goal, which is to ensure the sustainability of the healthcare system and improve patient outcomes,’ Mr Wappett said.
As part of the MoU, quarterly partnership meetings will be held to review the communications roadmap, evaluate engagement from all member-related communications and plan for upcoming activities and programs.
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NPS MedicineWise partnership quality use of medicines

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Dr Oliver Frank   24/02/2022 9:05:15 AM

Good move for both organisations.