For profession, practice and practitioner: New RACGP strategic plan

Matthew Miles

23/11/2020 5:11:43 PM

RACGP CEO Dr Matthew Miles outlines the college’s plan to keep general practice at the centre of the Australian healthcare system.

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The new strategic plan ‘has defined the priorities for our organisation as we collectively work to meet the challenges facing us’, CEO Dr Matthew Miles said.

The RACGP is this week launching its new strategic plan. It’s my first as the CEO, and I believe it will guide us through the turbulence of the pandemic and wider changes to the country’s healthcare system.
This year has demonstrated to all of us the critical importance of excellent public health systems, with GPs at the forefront of Australia’s response to the COVID pandemic and natural disasters.
But it’s also fair to say our nation’s healthcare structure is at a crossroads.
Tackling our sector’s chronic underfunding is essential if GPs are to be able to deliver sustainable, high-quality care into the future, with a patient-centric approach and a focus on preventive health.
General practice is the only medical specialty that focuses on holistic, continuous care and supporting people to make the best health decisions.
Our plan has defined the priorities for our organisation as we collectively work to meet the challenges facing us.
By the end of 2022, the RACGP will have an improved, relevant and personalised member experience. We’ll give members what they tell us they need, not what we think they need. And we’ll do that throughout the course of their careers.
We’ll maintain our role as the authority on general practice standards and guidelines, guided by our members at the healthcare coalface.
We’ll be the provider of choice for career-long learning. GPs never stop learning, and we’ll be there to provide high-quality education and support when members need it – delivering a simple, strong and seamless CPD program, building the path the general practice workforce of the future will need. 
We’ll supercharge our advocacy for profession, practice and practitioner. General practice needs a seat at the table, every time. Where decisions are made that affect us – and the health of our patients – we’ll be there.
If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the inherent risks of disconnect within the healthcare system. It’s time to change that.
The college will undertake its own transformation to emerge as a highly competitive and commercial-minded organisation. Why? So we have the financial strength to act for our members and our patients.
We’ll cultivate a team culture known for its respect, support, transparency, diversity, inclusivity and engagement. Our happy employees will work to deliver members as much value as is possible.
High‑quality general practice training will remain a top priority, and we’ll make efficient and effective use of government funds to tackle persistent workforce challenges. And we’ll work to support exceptional healthcare right across Australia, regardless of postcode, race or socioeconomic status.
This strategic plan will be a living document and, I assure you, I do not intend for it to gather dust. This is not a box-ticking exercise.
We’ll rise to the challenges and make the most of every opportunity.
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RACGP strategic plan

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