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Morgan Liotta

26/06/2020 8:14:43 PM

Professor Grant Russell, new Chair of the AJGP Editorial Advisory Committee, discusses the journal’s place on the general practice landscape.

Grant Russell
Professor Russell understand the important educational role AJGP plays for Australia’s GPs.

Having always had a keen interest in general practice academia, Professor Grant Russell sees great potential in his role as Chair of the Australian Journal of General Practice (AJGP) Editorial Advisory Committee.
‘I’ve been a GP since the ’80s, and ever since medical school I have been a reader of Australian Family Physician [now AJGP],’ he told newsGP.
‘It’s been a leader of the profession right the way through my career, the content has always been interesting, thoughtful and important in informing my work as a GP.’
Professor Russell is a primary care researcher and Director of the Southern Academic Primary Care Research Unit within the Department of General Practice at Monash University, in addition to his part-time work as a primary care clinician.
Contributing to the general practice profession as Chair of the Committee represents an opportunity for Professor Russell to combine his interests and expertise. He hopes to provide insight to help deliver relevant, evidence-based and clearly articulated information to GPs throughout Australia.
The Committee is responsible for contributing to and supporting the journal’s editorial strategy through provision of expert advice to the RACGP. It aims to provide up-to-date advice and guidance to AJGP authors and reviewers.
‘I hope that our committee can build on the past successes of the journal and help identify new ways in which critical clinical and health service issues can be brought to our members and the wider profession,’ Professor Russell explained.
‘I think it’s important that the journal reflects the wants, needs and vision of the members of the RACGP. 

‘It is an important public face of the college, so it needs to continue to be contemporary and, essentially, pique the needs of the people who are working in Australian general practice.
‘It’s steadily building capacity and I want to ensure that the journal continues to be a high-quality resource that can potentially be expanded. It plays an important educational role.
‘If you look back over the last few years at the topic areas in terms of educational articles, they are really relevant to the work of Australian GPs. The fact that there’s online access to text [in addition to a monthly print issue] helps bring up-to-date knowledge to clinicians in their practice.’
Professor Russell regularly uses AJGP during clinical consultations.
‘When GPs can publish good-quality and timely articles that are relevant to the work of GPs, [this can also] help with the lives of our patients,’ he said.
The RACGP is currently seeking qualified members to sit on the AJGP Editorial Advisory Committee. Professor Russell is hoping for eight members, plus himself.
‘We’re seeking expressions of interest from a wide range of individuals both within inside and outside general practice.’ he said.
‘Typically the Committee meet quarterly with the Publications Manager and the editorial staff, who act as a sounding board for issues of any concern that we’re particularly responsible for advising on, and overall direction of the journal.’

The AJGP website provides further information on to how to express your interest in being a part of the committee. Applications close at 5.00 pm, Tuesday 14 July 2020.
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Dr Raymond Bruce Hocking   27/06/2020 11:13:30 AM

Hi Grant
Grant – Congratulations on becoming the new Editor. Like you I have read AFP for many years and found the articles, case studies, quizzes, et cetera to be clinically focused and very helpful. I regret that in the transition to AJGP there has been an overemphasis on academic correctness – I hope you can rebalance the Journal.