August issue of Australian Journal of General Practice now available

Morgan Liotta

2/08/2018 11:40:20 AM

The latest issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice, the RACGP’s peer-reviewed scholarly journal, is now available online.

The August issue of AJGP focuses on workplace issues in general practice.
The August issue of AJGP focuses on workplace issues in general practice.

The Australian Journal of General Practice (AJGP) provides Australian GPs with relevant, evidence-based, clearly articulated information to assist them in delivering the highest quality patient care applicable to the varied geographic and social contexts in which GPs work.
The August issue of AJGP focuses on workplace issues in general practice.
Developing a general practice workforce for the future
GPs will need to adapt rapidly to change, seizing opportunities offered by disruptive technology in a globalised world affected by climate change.
Richard Hays, Tarun Sen Gupta

General practice work and workforce: Interdependencies between demand, supply and quality
The focus is shifting to how best to enable GPs to deliver effective, efficient and equitable care.
Joachim P Sturmberg, Di M O’Halloran, Geoff McDonnell, Carmel M Martin   

Producing a general practice workforce: Let’s count what counts
We need to count what counts if we want to ensure modern workforce approaches can indeed produce a fit-for-purpose generalist workforce that is able to meet the needs of the communities we serve.
Tarun Sen Gupta, Carole Reeve, Sarah Larkins, Richard Hays

Workforce planning: How we think about the impact of organisations on outcomes
Morgan’s organisational metaphors are one example of a management conceptual model that might help us illuminate the prisms of presupposition and assumption that we hold about organisations.
Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal

Workforce innovation: Embracing emerging technologies
In a rapidly evolving digital world, it is crucial that general practice embraces the potential of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in a real and proactive clinical manner.
Justin Beilby

Building a fit-for-purpose Australian primary healthcare workforce
Simon Willcock

Multiple myeloma: Updated approach to management in 2018
Ross Tomlinson   

A general practitioner primer on groin hernias
Richard C Turner

A woman with persistent fever and a skin lesion
Keen S Tai, Esha D Gupta

Denosumab-related hypocalcaemia in chronic kidney disease
Chen Han Yong

The youth-centricity of three university-associated general practices
Tim Staunton Smith  

What can pharmacists do in general practice? A pilot trial
Louise S Deeks, Mark Naunton, Guan Han Tay, et al  

Impact of training for general practitioners on their mental health services: The Hong Kong experience
Tai Pong Lam, Kai Sing Sun, Leon Piterman, et al

Medication non-adherence in a cohort of chronically ill Australians: A case of missed opportunities Tracey-Lea Laba, Tom Lung, Stephen Jan 

Talking to migrant and refugee young people about sexual health in general practice 
Jessica R Botfield, Christy E Newman, Melissa Kang, Anthony B Zwi 

Junior doctors, burnout and wellbeing: Understanding the experience of burnout in general practice registrars and hospital equivalents
Rebekah Hoffman, Andrew Bonney   

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