June issue of Australian Journal of General Practice now available

Paul Hayes

4/06/2018 10:12:40 AM

The latest issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice, the RACGP’s peer-reviewed
scholarly journal, is now available online.

The June issue of AJGP focuses on evidence-based medicine.
The June issue of AJGP focuses on evidence-based medicine.

The Australian Journal of General Practice (AJGP) provides Australian GPs with relevant, evidence-based, clearly articulated information to assist them in delivering the highest quality patient care applicable to the varied geographic and social contexts in which GPs work.
The June issue of AJGP focuses on evidence-based medicine.
Evaluating and prescribing new medicines in general practice
Prescription of new medicines relies on accurate information from reliable sources and careful appraisal of suitability for each individual patient.
Jill Thistlethwaite, Lynn Weeks
Unlocking the value of Cochrane reviews for general practitioners
Summary of Findings tables, journal summaries and podcasts are useful tools for interpretation of complex Cochrane reviews.
Geoffrey Spurling, Ben Mitchell, Mieke van Driel
Interpreting evidence in general practice: Bias and conflicts of interest
GPs need to know common sources of bias in evidence and information arising from industry-sponsored work so that they can detect bias and minimise its influence on their clinical practice.Lisa Parker, Quinn Grundy, Lisa Bero
‘Why don’t I need a colonoscopy?’ A novel approach to communicating risks and benefits of colorectal cancer screening
Expected frequency trees can be used to communicate the risks and benefits of different types of colorectal cancer screening and reduce colonoscopy referrals in patients who are not at increased risk of colorectal cancer.
Jon D Emery, Marie Pirotta, Finlay Macrae, Jennifer G Walker, Ashleigh Qama, Alex Boussioutas, Mark Jenkins
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Editorial: Evidence-based medicine
Stephen A Margolis
Chronic gout: Barriers to effective management
Sylvie Rogenmoser, Mark H Arnold
Queensland tick typhus (Rickettsia australis) in a man after hiking in rural Queensland
Stephen A Thomas, Jason Wu    
Care of patients with stomas in general practice
Ben Finlay, Hannah Sexton, Christopher McDonald
Understanding and responding to problem sexual behaviours in children
John C Blomfield
Trauma-informed care in general practice: Findings from a women’s health centre evaluation
Miriam Brooks, Lesley Barclay, Claire Hooker
General practitioners’ perspectives on promoting sexual health to young men
Archibald Collyer, Siobhan Bourke, Meredith Temple-Smith
Patient-directed reminders to improve preventive care in general practice for patients with type 2 diabetes: A proof of concept
Shyam Kumar, Robyn Woodward Kron, Oliver Frank, Anton Knieriemen, Phyllis Lau
Medical student contact with specialty trainees: Missing out in general practice?
Nancy Sturman, Remo Ostini      
Shared decision making in multimorbidity
Harini Sathanapally, Kamlesh Khunti, Umesh Kadam, Sam Seidu
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