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Morgan Liotta

4/02/2019 12:37:56 PM

The RACGP launches its ‘Become a GP’ campaign, which highlights the benefits of choosing general practice as a career.

The ‘Become a GP’ campaign targets the potential GPs of the future.
The ‘Become a GP’ campaign targets the potential GPs of the future.

‘Become a GP’ is the new RACGP campaign targeted at the young people we hope will build the future of our profession,’ RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon said.
On Friday last week, all RACGP members received a preview of the campaign via email, ahead of its public launch this week. The campaign features video vignettes of GPs across Australia.
Each video provides a snap shot of a day in the life of a GP, promoting the diversity and rewards that a career in general practice can bring.
Become a GP shows that no two days as a GP are the same, and that the variety of our work is one of the greatest appeals of the specialty,’ Dr Nespolon said.
‘It highlights the clinical challenges of general practice, the opportunities to make a difference to patients and their communities, the supportive and passionate collegial network GPs belong to, and, most importantly, the relationships of those who pursue general practice are able to form with their patients over a lifetime.’


Dr Nespolon emphasises the significance of the campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of choosing general practice as a career to students and junior doctors, and the medical profession as a whole.
‘Just as we are improving our political leaders’ and community’s perception of general practice through the ‘Specialist in Life’ campaign, it is important that we also raise awareness of our profession among the medical community, beginning with those who have recently or will soon join it,’ he said.
Visit the RACGP website to view the campaign videos and share them with junior doctors and medical students who are undergoing training or work experience in your practice.

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Jason Hsu   5/02/2019 7:38:04 AM

Love the new campaign, I remember I suggested in some feedback a few years ago as a medical student for this kind of campaign, showing snippets of awesome GP stories in varied locations to inspire and embrace all we can be. I’m so happy RACGP has chosen to go in this direction. I am now a hospital registrar in the RACGP program and am looking forward to my rural training next year. Go RACGP!

Dr Jitendra Natverlal Parikh   5/02/2019 2:06:10 PM

This should be targetted more at rural area
There are plenty in metropolitan area
I do understand it is dificult

Dr Jitendra Natverlal Parikh   5/02/2019 2:07:12 PM

There are plenty of GP s in metropolitan area