First issue of Australian Journal of General Practice now available

Paul Hayes

1/02/2018 2:29:05 PM

The first issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice, the RACGP’s peer-reviewed
scholarly journal, is now available online.

The journal’s new name reflects GPs and their role in modern Australian general practice.
The journal’s new name reflects GPs and their role in modern Australian general practice.

The January–February issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice (AJGP) represents the evolution of Australian Family Physician (AFP), the RACGP’s respected peer-reviewed scientific journal. The journal’s new name is designed to better represent GPs and their role in modern Australian general practice.
AJGP will continue to provide Australian GPs with relevant, evidence-based, clearly articulated information to assist them in delivering the highest quality patient care applicable to the varied geographic and social contexts in which GPs work.
The January–February issue of AJGP focuses on multimorbidity:
Guiding patients through complexity: Motivational interviewing for patients with multimorbidity
Patient-centred practice is needed to build a treatment plan that works for individual patients.
Kylie J McKenzie, David Pierce, Jane M Gunn
A comparison of policies and guidelines related to multimorbidity in the UK, Australia and Sri Lanka
This study shows the importance of sharing and learning from policy differences.
Nadeeka K Chandraratne, KGRV Pathirathna, Christopher Harrison, A Niroshan Siriwardena
What are chronic conditions that contribute to multimorbidity?
There is contention about how many chronic conditions should constitute multimorbidity but, more importantly, there is no accepted standard definition for what constitutes ‘chronic’ conditions.
Julie Gordon, Graeme C Miller, Helena Britt
The experiences of patients and carers living with multimorbid, non-communicable diseases
In planning models of care for patients with non-communicable diseases, differences and commonalities must be considered.
Stephen R Leeder, Tanisha Jowsey, Justin W McNab
Also this month
The power of renaming: Australian Family Physician evolves into Australian Journal of General Practice
Stephen A Margolis
Christopher Harrison, A Niroshan Siriwardena
Interpreting tests for coeliac disease: Tips, pitfalls and updates
Jason A Tye-Din
Perineal tears – A review
Ryan Goh, Daryl Goh, Hasthika Ellepola
Management of faecal incontinence in residential aged care
John Guinane, Rosie Crone
A general practice street health service: Patient and allied service provider perspectives
Cecily Strange, Colleen Fisher, Wendy Chan She Ping-Delfos, Diane Arnold-Reed, Tom Brett
eReferrals: Why are we still faxing?
Christopher A Hughes, Penny Allen, Michael Bentley
The importance of adequate referrals for chronic kidney disease management in a regional Australian area of nephrologist workforce shortage
Julian Wright, Kristen M Glenister, Rebecca Thwaites, Daniel Terry
The voice of haemochromatosis journeys in regional Australia: A qualitative study exploring self-management
Jessica Pearce, Robin A Ray, Suzanne McKenzie
Programmed shared medical appointments: A novel procedure for chronic disease management
Garry Egger, John Stevens, Christopher Ganora, Bob Morgan
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Clinical challenge
The clinical challenge is based on this month’s Focus articles. The activity has been endorsed by the RACGP Quality Improvement and Continuing Professional Development (QI&CPD) program and has been allocated four Category 2 points (Activity ID: 120871).

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Congratulations to the college for our aptly named journal.