April issue of Australian Journal of General Practice now available

Morgan Liotta

29/03/2018 2:30:58 PM

The latest issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice, the RACGP’s peer-reviewed
scholarly journal, is now available online.

The April issue of AJGP looks at access to primary care.
The April issue of AJGP looks at access to primary care.

The Australian Journal of General Practice (AJGP) provides Australian GPs with relevant, evidence-based, clearly articulated information to assist them in delivering the highest quality patient care applicable to the varied geographic and social contexts in which GPs work.
The April issue of AJGP focuses on access to primary care:

e-Therapy in primary care mental health
Good quality e-mental health resources provide GPs with the opportunity to help patients improve their mental health in an efficient and illness-appropriate way.
Jan Orman, Bridianne O’Dea 

Minimally disruptive medicine for patients with complex multimorbidity
Factors to be considered when assessing the burden of treatment and a patient’s capacity to cope with this workload are outlined.
Lyndal Trevena

Increasing multimorbidity in an Australian street health service: A 10-year retrospective cohort study
Street-based general practice services are critical to facilitate easy access to primary and secondary management of chronic multimorbid conditions in marginalised patients.
Diane Arnold-Reed, Lakkhina Troeung, Tom Brett, Wendy Chan She Ping-Delfos, Cecily Strange, Elizabeth Geelhoed, Colleen Fisher, David Preen

Ten tips for becoming a Time Lord
Some doctors rarely run late and yet seem to meet their patients’ needs. We call these colleagues ‘Time Lords’.
Andrew W Knight, Tony Lembke

Up front
Editorial: What brings you here today?
It may be worthwhile for all clinicians to explore the conceptual frameworks that describe access to healthcare.
Sophia Samuel 

Common neonatal presentations to the primary care physician
An overview on how to assess common neonatal presentations to general practice, highlighting some significant conditions that may require further assessment.
Alicea Quach

Infants of emotionally dysregulated or borderline personality disordered mothers: Issues and management in primary care
Focuses on the behaviours and needs of infants whose mothers have borderline personality disorder BPD, including knowledge and skills for primary care practitioners to help these troubled families.
Gisèle Apter, Anne E Sved Williams

A review of tinnitus
Defines and provides guidelines on causes, assessment, appropriate investigation and management of tinnitus.
Aaron A Esmaili, John Renton

Unilateral cataract: A potentially fatal prognosis
A presentation of unilateral cataract in middle aged and older patients should prompt consideration of posterior segment pathology including ocular melanoma.
Ju-Lee Ooi, Michelle Mei Pik Hui, Neil S Sharma, Michael Giblin, Georgina Clark

Temporomandibular dysfunction
Temporomandibular dysfunction represents a major cause of orofacial pain. The focus of this article is to provide an overview of this disorder and management considerations in general practice.
Jonathan Lomas, Taylan Gurgenci, Christopher Jackson, Duncan Campbell 

Improving diagnostic accuracy of skin biopsies
A case of euglycaemic diabetic ketoacidosis in a patient with latent autoimmune diabetes in adults using dapagliflozin.
Annabel G Markey, Taylor A Scott, Judith C Killen, Jan A Venter

Polycystic ovary syndrome in Central Australia: Diagnosis and screening of cardiometabolic risk and emotional wellbeing
Diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome in an Aboriginal primary care setting is being performed correctly and at a young age; however, subsequent screening of cardiometabolic risk and emotional wellbeing needs more work.  
Emma Ellis, Melanie Gibson-Helm, Jacqueline A Boyle

Elder abuse: The role of GPs in community-based screening and multidisciplinary action
Discusses the role of GPs in identifying patients who may be at risk of or are experiencing elder abuse.
Nola M Ries, Elise Mansfield

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