New resource aims to deliver ‘world-class’ general practice education

Morgan Liotta

25/02/2021 3:55:55 PM

The RACGP has launched a new educational framework – what is it and how will it benefit current and future GPs?

RACGP educational framework cover
The college’s overarching educational framework will guide future education and training.

The RACGP educational framework will aim to ensure delivery of evidence-based, quality education, linking with the college’s 10 education guiding principles and strategic plan.
Produced in consultation with GPs and medical educators, the framework represents the college’s approach to education and will inform the development of general practice educational tools and programs throughout the GP’s learning continuum.
‘The educational framework aims to ensure that the RACGP is a leader in world-class general practice education,’ Dr James Brown, RACGP Principal Medical Education Advisor who led development of the framework, told newsGP.
‘It brings together all RACGP education into a coherent whole, providing a clear link between RACGP values and its educational structures and programs.
‘It also connects RACGP education across the full spectrum of a GP’s educational journey from undergraduate to post-Fellowship.’
Intended to guide all RACGP educational development and activity, the framework will provide a clear orientation for learners, educators and other organisations involved with RACGP education.
The interrelated components of RACGP education are the guiding principles, guiding instruments, educational imperatives and educational programs.
The guiding principles inform RACGP educational structures and programs. The key educational structures are the:

 Each of the three structures include the current state, future vision and recommendations for revision of the profile. They form the RACGP guiding instruments, combining to provide direction for all levels of general practice education – from medical school through to post-Fellowship education.
Dr Brown is confident the framework will benefit both current GPs and GPs in training.
‘The educational framework will provide an orientation for GPs and GPs in training as they engage with RACGP education,’ he said.
‘It will also work to ensure that they have a high-quality educational experience that aligns with the core values that the RACGP holds.’
The framework will enable continuous delivery of evidence-based, quality education to the future general practice workforce, Dr Brown said.
‘A key imperative for the RACGP is that its education is of the highest quality and is based on current medical educational scholarship,’ he said.
‘The framework provides a clear anchor to this imperative. Central to the educational framework is the guiding principle that RACGP education is founded on contemporary evidence-based practice.’
The framework is also designed to provide a clear reference for development of an operating model for RACGP-led training transition and future vision of the college’s education frameworks.
The RACGP educational framework and all education components are available on the RACGP website.
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Dr Ian   26/02/2021 7:49:09 AM

Spaced repetition reading or listening and recalling are also important as part of life long learning and recall into the still limited human brain even those of medical people .
So it’s worth revising your consultations and ensuring regular follow up .
Perilous situations require the most intensive care with all resources mobilised .